Словарь английских эквивалентов шотландских слов и диалектизмов

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Scots Glossary
Glossary Of Scottish Words Used By Robert Burns


Scottish English Русский эквивалент
A see hae
A’ all
A–back behind, away сзади, позади, в отдалении
Aback away, aloof, backwards, in the rear в отдалении, поодаль, в стороне, назад, обратно
Abeigh at a shy distance, aloof, off, aside в отдалении, поодаль, в стороне
Aboon above, up, over выше
Ablins v. aiblins возможно, может, может быть
Abread abroad, in sight, to publish
Abreed in breadth, wide
acquaint, acquent familiar; acquainted with each other
advisement thought, deliberation
Ae one, a certain; one of two; only; emphatic before a superlative
Aff off, away
Aff-loof off-hand, extempore, without premeditation, at once без подготовки, сразу
A-fiel afield, in the field; outside вдалеке
Afore before; in front of до, перед
Aft oft часто
Aften often часто
aft(en)-times often
again ready for, before
Agee on one side
Agley off the right line, wrong, awry
Ahin behind за, позади
Ahint behind за, позади
Aiblins, Ablins, Aiblens perhaps возможно, может, может быть
Aidle foul water грязная вода
Aik oak дуб
Aiken oaken дубовый
Ain own
Air early рано, ранний
Airles earnest money
Airl-penny a silver penny given as erles or hiring money, payment made in token of employment
Airn iron, a tool of that metal, a mason’s chisel, pl. — fetters
Airt quarter of the heaven, point of the compass, direction, to direct
Aith oath клятва
Aits oats овес
A-jee ajar; to one side
Aith an oath
Aits oats
Aiver an old horse
Aizle a hot cinder, an ember of wood
aix axe
Akwart awkward, athwart
Alake alas
Alane alone
Alang along вдоль
Amaist almost почти
Amang, ’mang among среди
An, An’ and, if и, если
an't if it
Ance once
Ane one, a(n)
Anes ones
Aneath beneath под
Anent over-against, concerning, about
Aneuch, eneuch, eneugh, enow enough
Anither another
an's and am; and is; and his
Aqua-fontis spring water
Aqua-vitae whiskey
Aqueesh between
Arle v. airle
Ase ashes of wood, remains of a hearth fire
Asklent askew, askance, on the side косо
Aspar aspread, with legs apart
Asteer abroad, stirring in a lively manner, astir
A'thegither altogether
Athort athwart поперек
Attour moreover, beyond, besides, see by (bye) attour
Atweel in truth, certainly, indeed
Atween between между
Aught eight, eighth; possession, possessed of, as “in a’ my aught,” in all my possession, see ought
Aughten eighteen
Aughtlins at all
Auld old
Auld-farran’, auld farrant, auldfarrant sagacious, prudent, cunning, shrewd, old-fashioned
Auld-shoon old shoes literally, a discarded lover metaphorically
Auld Reekie Edinburgh
Auld-warld old-world
Aumos, Aumous gift to a beggar, alms милостыня
Aumos-dish a beggar’s dish in which the aumos is received тарелка нищего для сбора милостыни, подаяний
Ava at all, of all
Awa away, begone
Awald backways and doubled up, in a state of drunkenness
Awauk awake будить
Awauken awaken будить
Awe owe
awee for a moment
Awfu’ awful
Awkart awkward неудобный
Awn the beard of barley, oats, &c ость (колоса)
Awnie bearded
Ayont beyond, past
B Top - Наверх
Ba’ ball
Babie-clouts child’s first clothes
Backet bucket, box
Backets ash-boards, as pieces of backet for removing ashes
Backit backed
backlins backwards
Backlins comin’ coming back, returning
back-style, back-yett the stile, gate in the rear fence of the house
Back-yett private gate, gate at the back
Bade asked ( 1 – past t. of bid; 2 – past t. of bide )
Baide endured, did stay
Baggie the belly, stomach
Baig'nets, baiginets bayonets
Baillie magistrate of a Scots burgh
Bainie, Banie bony, big-boned
Bair uncover, clear
Bairn a child
Bairn-time, Bairntime a family of children, all the offspring of one mother, a brood
Baith both
Bakes biscuits
Ballets, Ballants, Ballats ballads
Balou lullaby
Ban curse, to swear
Ban' band (of the Presbyterian clergyman)
Bane bone, bone-comb
Bang to beat, to strive, to excel, an effort, a blow, pain, thrash, to thump, a large number
Banie v. bainie
Bannet bonnet
Bannock, bonnock flat, round, soft cake, a thick oatmeal cake, flat girde-baked cake of oatmeal barley, or flour
Bardie diminutive of bard
Barefit barefooted
Barket barked облаять
Barley-bree, Barley-brie, barley-broo, blood of barley malt liquor or barley-brew-ale or whiskey
Barm yeast дрожжи, дрожжевой
Barmie fermenting with ideas
Barmie, of, or like barm yeasty пенистый, бродящий, дрожжевой
Barn-yard stackyard гумно
Bartie the Devil
Bashing abashing, abashed, confused
Batch a crew, a gang, a number, set
Batts, botts the colic
Bauckie-bird the bat летучая мышь
Baudrons, Baudrans a cat
Bauk cross-beam
Bauk v. bawk
Bauk-en' beam-end
Bauld bold
Bauldest boldest
Bauldly boldly
Baumy balmy ароматный, душистый, мягкий, нежный, успокаивающий, целительный
Bawbee a half-penny
Bawdrons v. baudrons кот, кошка
Bawk a field path
Baws’nt having a white stripe down the face, white-streaked
Be to let be, to give over, to cease
Beets boots
Bear, beir allow, suffer, admit
Bear, Beir barley ячмень
Bearded-bear barley with its bristly head ячменный колос
Bearers legs
Beas' beasts, vermin
Beastie diminutive of beast зверёк
Beat, Beet kindle, add fuel to fire подбрасывать дрова в огонь, разжигать
Beck a curtsy
Beet, beek to add fuel to a fire, feed, kindle, to bask подбрасывать дрова в огонь, разжигать, нежиться, греться (на солнце, у огня)
befa' befall
behin(t) behind
Beild, Bield, Biel protection, shelter, cover
Beir see bear
Belang belong
Beld bald
Bellum assault
Bellys bellows
belted with the distinctive belt of an earl or a knight
Belyve by and by, presently, quickly, soon
Ben a parlor (i.e., the inner apartment); into the spence or parlour; indoors, within гостиная, в гостиной
Be-north to the northward of на север, к северу
Be-south, to the southward of
Benmost inmost, furthest in, innermost глубочайший, сокровенный
Benmost-bore the remotest hole, the innermost recess
Bestead placed, circumstanced
Bethankit grace after meat, (God) be thanked спасибо (после еды)
Beuk, Pictur'd beuk a book, a book: книга
pictur'd beuks, devil's pictur'd beuks playing-cards
bewaure beware
beyont beyond, on the far side of
Bicker a kind of wooden dish or cup, a short rapid race; to flow swiftly and with a slight noise; rush, scurry, short rush, stagger
Bickerin noisy contention
Bickering careering, hurrying, hurrying with quarrelsome intent
Bid to ask, to wish, to offer, to desire спрашивать, желать, предоставлять
Bide abide, endure, remain, await
Bie, or bield shelter, a sheltered place, the sunny nook of a wood
Biel, bield, Beild a shelter; a sheltered spot; comfortable
Bien wealthy, plentiful богатый, обильный
Bien, bienly comfortably, warmly
Big to build; elated, passionate
Biggin building, a house строение, здание, дом
Biggit built
Bike, byke hive, swarm, crowd
Bill a bull
Billie, billy a brother, a young fellow, a companion, friend, comrade, fellow, lad
Bing a heap of grain, potatoes, &c куча зерна, картофеля и т.д.
Birdie, bird(ie), burd(ie) diminutive of bird; also maidens, lass
Birdie-cocks, young cocks still belonging to the brood
Birk birch берёза
Birken birchen берёзовый
Birkie a clever, a forward conceited fellow; lively, spry fellow умный, тщеславный, самодовольный, большого мнения о себе парень
birlie-man valuer of crops, parish arbiter
Birnie birnie ground is where thick heath has been burnt, leaving the birns, or unconsumed stalks, standing up sharp and stubley
Birr force, vigor сила, энергия, бодрость
Birring the noise of partridges when they rise, whirring шум, издаваемый куропатками, жужжание
Birses bristles
Birth berth
Bit crisis, nick of time, place; small (e.g., bit lassie)
Bitch-fou completely drunk напившийся до бесчувствия
Bizz a bustle, to buzz, a flurry
Bizzard the buzzard
Bizzie busy
Black’s the grun’ as black as the ground
Black-bonnet the Presbyterian elder
Black-nebbit black-beaked
Blad v. blaud
Blae blue, livid
Blastet, Blastit, Blastiet blasted, accursed; dwarfish разрушенный, проклятый, пришедший в упадок
Blastie a shrivelled dwarf, a term of contempt, full of mischief; a blasted (i.e., damned) creature, ill-tempered creature; a little wretch
Blate bashful, sheepish, modest застенчивый, скромный
Blather bladder
Blaud a flat piece of anything, to slap, pelt, a large quantity
Blaudin-shower a heavy driving rain; signifies a beating сильный дождь;
a blauding биение
Blaw to blow, to boast, to brag; “blaw i’ my lug,” to flatter, get breath back
Blawing blowing
Blawn blown
Bleer to blear, watery-eyed, bleary
Bleer my een dim my eyes
Bleer't bleared
Bleerit bedimmed, eyes hurt with weeping, watery-eyed, bleary
Bleeze blaze
Bleezing, bleeze blazing, flame
Blellum idle talking fellow; a babbler; a railer; a blusterer
Blether to talk idly, talk foolishly, babble, blethers, nonsense говорить чепуху
Bleth’rin, Bletherin' talking idly, talking nonsense
Blin' blind
Blink a little while, a smiling look, to look kindly, to shine by fits, a glance, a moment, short time, to glance, to shine, glance fondly, leer flirtatiously
Blinker a term of contempt: it means, too, a lively engaging girl
Blinkers spies, oglers следить, подглядывать, строить глазки
Blinkin’ smirking, smiling with the eyes, looking lovingly, leering
Blin't blinded
Blirt and blearie out-burst of grief, with wet eyes
Blitter the snipe бекас
-gown one of those beggars who get annually, on the king’s birth-day, a blue cloak or gown with a badge, the livery of the licensed beggar
Blude, Bluid blood; semen
Bluidy bloody
Blume to bloom
Bluntie a stupid тупой, глупый
Blype a shred, a large piece
Bobbit, Bobbed the obeisance made by a lady, curtsied реверанс
Bock to vomit, to gush intermittently
Bocked gushed, vomited
Boddle a farthing; copper coin (1/6 of an Eng. penny)
Bode look for, expect
Bodkin tailor's needle иголка
Bodle a copper coin of the value of two pennies Scots
Body, bodie a person, fellow, pl. folk
a body's sel oneself
Bogie, Boggie a small morass, diminutive of bog
Bogle, a bogie a hobgoblin, ghost, spectre, goblin домовой
Bole a hole, or small recess in the wall дыра, небольшое углубление, в стене, ниша
Bonnie, Bonie or bonny handsome, beautiful, pretty, fair, fine
Bonilie prettily
Bonnock a kind of thick cake of bread, a small jannock or loaf made of oatmeal. See Bannock
Boon, 'Boon above (see Aboon)
Boord a board, surface
Boord-en' board-end, end of a table
Bore a hole in the wall, a cranny
Boortree the shrub elder, planted much of old in hedges of barn-yards and gardens
Boortress elders
Boost must, needs, ought, behoved, wilfulness
Boot payment to the bargain
Bore a chink, recess, crevice, crack
Botch blotch, an angry tumour
Bouk a human trunk, body, carcass; bulk
Bountith bounty
Bousing drinking, making merry with liquor
'Bout about, around, in
Bow bend
Bowk body
Bow-hough'd bandy-thighed
Bow-hought out-kneed, crooked at the knee joint
Bow-kail cabbage
bowse drink heavily
bowse about drink in turn
Bow't bent
Bowt, bowlt bended, crooked
Bra', Braw fine, handsome, splendid
Brachens ferns
Brackens fern папоротник
Brag challenge
Brae a declivity, a precipice, the slope of a hill, hillside, high ground by a river
Braid broad, plain
Braid, Braid money gold money Золотая монета достоинством в 20 шиллингов, бывшая в обращении при последних Стюартах (1658 – 1688), была шире и тоньше, чем золотой того же достоинства более поздней чеканки (после Реставрации)
Braid-claith broad-cloth
Braik an instrument for rough-dressing flax, a harrow
Brainge to run rashly forward, to churn violently, plunge, draw unsteadily
Braing’t “the horse braing’t,” plunged end fretted in the harness
Brak broke, became insolvent
Brak's broke his
Brankie gaudy, gay, fine, finely dressed
Branks a kind of wooden curb for horses, a bridle, halter
Bran'y, Brany brandy
Brash a sudden illness, short attack
Brat (contemptuous) child (презрительно) ребёнок
Brats coarse clothes, rags, &c; small children, small pieces грубая одежда, тряпьё
Brattle a short race, hurry, fury, a scamper, noisy onset
Braw, bra' fine, handsome, gaily dressed
brawds ruffians
Brawly or brawlie very well, finely, heartily, bravely, perfectly, admirably, very (much)
Braxies diseased sheep; sheep that have died of braxie (a disease)
Breastie diminutive of breast
Breastit, breastet did spring up or forward, pulled forward; the act of mounting a horse
Brechame a horse-collar
Brechan ferns
Breckens fern папоротник
bree whisky
Breef an invulnerable or irresistible spell
Breeks breeches, trousers
Breer, brier brier шиповник
Brent bright, clear, smooth, unwrinkled; “a brent brow,” a brow high and smooth; branded, brand; straight, steep (i.e., not sloping from baldness)
Brewin’ brewing, gathering
brewn brewed
Bree juice, liquid
Brie v. barley-brie
Brief writ
Brier briar шиповник
Brig a bridge
Brisket the breast, the bosom
Brither a brother
Broad-claith broad-cloth
Brock a badger
Brogue a hum, a trick
Broo broth, soup, liquid, water; liquid in which anything is cooked
Broose broth, a race at country weddings; he who first reaches the bridegroom’s house on returning from church wins the broose; wedding races from the church to the home of the bride
Brose a thick mixture of meal and warm water, oatmeal mixed with boiling water or milk; also a synonym for porridge
Browst ale, as much malt liquor as is brewed at a time
Browster brewer
Browster wives ale wives, alewives, landladies
Brugh a burgh, borough
Bruilsie a broil, combustion
brulsie uproar, quarrel
Brulzie, brulyie a brawl
Brunstane brimstone
Brunt did burn, burned, burnt
Brust to burst, burst
Buchan-bullers the boiling of the sea among the rocks on the coast of Buchan
Buckie diminutive of buck; a smart younker, gag debauchee
Buckle a curl локон
Buckskin an inhabitant of Virginia; the buckskin kye, negroes
Budget tinker's bag of tools, leather bag
Buff our beef thrash us soundly, give us a beating behind and before
Buff and blue the colours of the Whigs
Buff to bang, to thump ударять, колотить
Bughtin folding
Buirdly stout made, broad built, stalwart; stately
Bum the buttocks; to hum
Bum-clock the humming beetle that flies in the summer evenings, cockchafer, Junebug майский жук
bummil hum, mumble, stutter clumsily
Bummin humming as bees, buzzing
Bummle to blunder, a drone, an idle fellow, a useless fellow
Bummler a blunderer, one whose noise is greater than his work
Bunker a window-seat, a seat
Bunters harlots
bur-thistle sprear-thistle
Burdies diminutive of bird or burd (a lady); maidens
Bure did bear, bore
Burn burnie, water, a rivulet, a small stream which is heard as it runs
Burnewin, Burniewin’ burn this wind, the blacksmith (i.e., burn the wind)
Burnie diminutive of burn, a rivulet
Burr-thistle the thistle of Scotland, spear-thistle чертополох - символ Шотландии
Busk to dress; to garb; to dress up; to adorn
Buskit dressed
Buskit-nest an ornamented residence
Busle a bustle
Buss a bush
But, bot without; but that; other than that; lacking, less
butching butchering
butt, but out, to the outer room
Butt and ben, but and ben the country kitchen and parlour; in the kitchen or outer room, and in the inner room of a cottage
By past, aside, beside; concerning, about; over
Bye attour (i.e., by and attour) beside and at a distance, in addition
By himself lunatic, distracted, beside himself
Byke, bike a bee-hive, a wild bee-nest, a bees' nest; a hive; a swarm; a crowd
Byre a cow-house, a sheep-pen
C Top - Наверх
Ca’ to call, to name, to drive, knock, blow; plod on
Ca’t called, driven, calved
Cadger a carrier, a hawker (especially of fish), travelling hawker развозчик, разносчик (главным образом рыбы)
Cadie or caddie a person, a young fellow, a public messenger
Caff chaff мякина
Caird a tinker, a maker of horn spoons and teller of fortunes, gipsy
Cairn a loose heap of stones, a rustic monument
calces (pl. of calx) powder
Calf-ward a small enclosure for calves; the churchyard
Calimanco a certain kind of cotton cloth worn by ladies
Callan, callant a boy, a stripling мальчик, юноша
Caller, callor fresh, cool, refreshing
Callet a loose woman, a follower of a camp, wench, a trull проститутка
Cam came
Canie, Cannie gentle, mild, dexterous, tractable, quiet, prudent, careful
canker become peevish
can(n)nie, can(n)ny knowing, shrewd; careful
Canniest quietest
Cankrie crabbed
Canna can not
Cannilie, cannily dexterously, gently, quietly, prudently, cautiously, kindly, quiet; lucky; comfortably; skilfully
cant song, merry tale
Cantie or canty cheerful, merry, lively, cheerfully, jolly
Cantraip a charm, a spell, magic, witching
Cants merry stories, canters or sprees or merry doings
Cape-stane, Cap-stane, cape-stone copestone, coping-stone, cope-stone, topmost stone of the building
Capon castrate
cap'ring capering
Car a rustic crude cart with or without wheels, carriage деревенская повозка с или без колес
Card chart
Care na by do not care
caretna by cared nothing, not at all
Careerin’ moving cheerfully
Castock the stalk of a cabbage
caritch catechism
Carl, Carlie an old man, a man старик
Carl-hemp the male stalk of hemp, easily known by its superior strength and stature, and being without seed
Carlie a manikin
Carlin, carline a stout old woman; a middle-aged, or old, woman; a beldam, a witch
Carmagnole a violent Jacobin революционер – якобинец
Cartes cards, playing-cards
Cartie diminutive of cart
Catch-the-plack the hunt for money
Caudron a cauldron котёл
Cauf calf
Cauf-leather calf-leather
Cauk chalk мел
Cauk and keel chalk and red clay мел и красная глина
Cauld cold
Caup a wooden drinking vessel, a cup, wooden bowl деревянная чашка
Causey, causeway cleaners
Cavie a hen-coop курятник
Cess land-tax
chainet adorned with chains
Chamer, chaumer chamber
Change-house tavern, ale-house таверна, пивная
chantan singing
Chanter bagpipes; drone of a bagpipe, the pipe of the bag-pipes which produces the melody; song; pastoral pipe волынка, звуки издаваемые волынкой; песенка; дудочка пастуха
Chap a person, a fellow, a young fellow; to strike молодой парень
Chapman a pedler, pedlar коробейник, разносчик; разносчик сплетен, сплетник
Chaup, chap a stroke, a blow, to strike удар, наносить удар
Chear cheer
Chearfu' cheerful
Chearless cheerless
Cheary cheery
Cheek side-piece
Cheek-for-chow, Cheek for chow close and united, brotherly, side by side, cheek by jowl
Cheekit cheeked
Cheep a chirp, to chirp, peep, squeak щебет, чирикание, щебетать, чирикать
Chiel, chield or cheal, cheel a young fellow, lad, chap молодой парень
Chimla, or chimlie a fire-grate, fire-place, hearth, chimney камин, труба
Chimla-lug the fire-side очаг
Chirps cries of a young bird
Chittering shivering, trembling дрожжание
Chockin choking
Chow, Chows chews, to chew; a quid of tobacco жевать; кусок табака
Chuck a hen, a dear, sweet-heart
Chuckie diminutive of chuck, but usually signifies mother hen, an old dear, a brood-hen
Chuffie fat-faced, portly
Chuse to choose
Cit the civet, a citizen, townsman, a merchant
Clachan a small village about a church, a hamlet; ale-house
Claeding clothing
Claise or claes clothes одежда
Claith cloth ткань
Claithing clothing одевать, одежда
Clamb climbed
Clankie a severe knock
Clap, Clapper-claps the clapper of a mill; it is now silenced
Clap-clack clapper of a mill
Clartie, Clarty dirty, filthy грязный
Clark a clerk, clerkly, scholarly
Clarkit wrote, clerked
Clash an idle tale; gossip, to tattle, chatter, the story of the day; talk scandal
Clatter to tell little idle stories, an idle story; noise, tattle, talk, disputation, babble; to make a noise by striking; to babble; to prattle, chatter, gossip
Claught (past t. of cleek) snatched at, laid hold of, clutched, seized
Claughtin clutching, grasping
Claut to clean, to scrape; a clutch, a handful, lump чистить, очищать, скоблить
Clauted scraped (вы)скоблить
Claver clover клевер
Clavers gossip, nonsense, idle talk, chatter сплетни, всякий вздор
Clavers and havers agreeable nonsense, to talk foolishly чепуха, бессмыслица, говорить глупость
Claw (past t. clew) to scratch, a blow, to strike царапать, ударять
Clay-cauld clay-cold
Claymore a two-handed Highland sword старинный шотландский меч, палаш
Clean comely, shapely; empty; utterly
clear quite tree
Cleckin a brood выводок
Cleed to clothe одевать
Cleek hook, snatch
Cleekit linked arms, clutch, lay hold of, pilfer; link arms in the dance
Cleekin a brood of chickens, or ducks выводок цыплят или уток
Cleeks cramp in horses, which hooks up their hind legs
Cleg, Clegs gadfly, the gad flies оводы
Clew past t. of claw
Clink a sharp stroke; money, coin, to chink, to rhyme, cash; jingle (of verse), ring; sit down smartly
Clinker lively rogue
Clinkin “clinking down,” sitting down hastily; with a smart motion
Clinkum, Clinkumbell the church bell; he who rings it, the bellman; a sort of beadle
Clips wool-shears, clippers
Clishmaclaver, Clish-ma-claver idle conversation, wordy discourse, gossip, taletelling; non-sense
Clock to hatch, a beetle
Clockin, Clockin-time hatching, clucking- (i. e., hatching-) time
Cloot the hoof of a cow, sheep, &c
Clootie, Clooty, cloots (i. e. cloven-footed, hoofie, hoofs) a familiar name for the devil
Close constant, unrelieved
Clour a bump, or swelling, after a blow опухоль после удара, шишка
Clout a cloth, a patch лоскут, заплата
Cloutin repairing with cloth ремонт одежды
Clud, Cluds a cloud, clouds облако, облака
Clunk the sound in setting down an empty bottle, to make a hollow sound, gurgle
Coatie petticoat, skirt
Coaxin wheedling
Coble a fishing-boat, a broad and flat boat рыболовецкая лодка, широкая плоскодонка
Cock the mark (in curling)
Cockie diminutive of cock (applied to an old man)
Cocks fellows, good fellows, chap
Cod a pillow подушка
Coff (past t. coft) buy покупать
Coft bought купить
Cog a wooden dish, a wooden drinking vessel, a porridge dish, a corn measure for horses деревянное блюдо
Coggie diminutive of cog, a little dish, wooden vessel for drinking liquor; womb небольшое деревянное блюдо, сосуд
Coil, Kyle, Coila from Kyle a district in Ayrshire, so called, saith tradition, from Coil, or Coilus, a Pictish monarch
Collie a general, and sometimes a particular name for country curs
Collieshangie, Collie-shangie a squabble, a quarrel among dogs, an Irish row, dispute, discord, strife
Command commandment
compleenin complaining
Convoyed accompanied lovingly
Cood the cud
Coof, v. cuif a blockhead, a ninny, fool, clown; lout тупица, болван, дуралей, простофиля; хам
Cookit appeared and disappeared by fits, hid
Cool’d in her linens cool’d in her death-shift
Coor cover, protect
Cooser a stallion, a courser; lecher жеребец; развратник
Coost (i. e., cast) did cast, looped, threw off, tossed, chucked
Coot the ankle, a species of water-fowl
Cootie a wooden dish, a small pail, rough-legged, leg-plumed деревянное блюдо, небольшое ведро
Coran cringing, timid
Corbies blood crows, ravens вороньё
Core corps, party, clan, band of dancers партия, клан
Corn mou corn heap, stack, pile of corn
Corn’t fed with oats, corn накормить овсом, зерном
Corse corpse
Corss cross
cot(-house) cottage; cot-folk-cottagers
cotter(-man) farm-tenant, cottager
Cou'dna, couldna couldn't, could not
Countra, kintra, koontrie country, rustic
Couthie, couthy loving, affable, cosy, comfortable
Cotter the inhabitant of a cot-house, or cottage житель домика или коттеджа
Coup, cowp to capsize, upset, overbalance
Cour, cow'r lower, fold
Court-day rent-day
Couthie, couthy kind, loving добрый, любящий
Cove a cave пещера
Cowe to terrify, to keep under, to lop, to scare, to daunt, scold, humiliate устрашать, держать в подчинении, запугивать
Cowp, Coup to barter, to tumble over, to capsize, upset, overbalance
Cowp the cran to tumble a full bucket or basket
Cowpit tumbled
Cowrin cowering
Cowt, cowte a colt, awkward fellow жеребёнок, новичок, неуклюжий паренёк
Cosie, cozie snug, comfortable уютный
Crabbet, Crabbit crabbed, fretful, ill-natured ворчливый, брюзгливый, раздражительный
Crack conversation, to converse, to boast, tale; a chat; talk, to chat, to talk, gossip, story, scandalous tale разговор, разговаривать, беседовать, хвастать
Crackin’ cracked, conversing, conversed
Craft or croft a field near a house, in old husbandry, laud adjoining farm-house поле рядом с домом
Craft-rig croft-ridge
Craig neck, the throat, gullet; a crag шея, горло, скала, утес
Craigie diminutive of craig, the throat
Craigy craggy
Craik the corn-crake, the land-rail
Craiks cries or calls incessantly, a bird, the corn-rail
Crambo-clink or crambo-jingle rhymes, rhyming, doggerel verses стишки, вирши
Cran the support for a pot or kettle, crane, tripod for a pot
Crank the noise of an ungreased wheel – metaphorically inharmonious verse скрип несмазанных колёс; в переносном значении - негармоничное стихотворение
Crankous fretful, captious, awkward раздражительный, капризный, придирчивый
Cranks creakings
Cranreuch the hoar-frost, called in Nithsdale “frost-rhyme”
Crap a crop, to crop, top, head урожай, собирать урожай
Craw a crow of a cock, a rook ворон, грач
craw crow
crazy infirm
Creel a basket, an osier basket, wicker basket carried on the back
to have one’s wits in a creel to be crazed, to be fascinated
Creepie-chair stool of repentance in church
Creeshie, Creshie greasy, filthy сальный, жирный, грязный
Creuks a disease of horses болезнь лошадей
Crocks old ewe past bearing старая овца
Cronie intimate friend близкий друг
Crood or Croud (Crooded – cooed; Croods – coos) to coo as a dove ворковать как голубь
crookit crooked, deformed
Croon a hollow and continued moan; to make a noise like the low roar of a bull; boom, to hum a tune
Crooning humming жужжание
Crouchie crook-backed, hunchbacked горбун
Croose, Crouse cocksure, set, cheerful, courageous, merry cocksure самоуверенный, энергичный, отважный, храбрый, смелый
cross across
croud crowd
Crousely confidently уверенно
Crously cheerfully, courageously бодро, смело
Crowdie meal and cold water, meal and milk, porridge, a composition of oatmeal, boiled water and butter; sometimes made from the broth of beef, mutton, &c. &c. овсянка, с маслом, иногда сваренная на молоке или на говяжьем или бараньем бульоне и т.д.
Crowdie time breakfast time, porridge-time время завтрака
Crowlin, crawling a deformed creeping thing
Crummie a horned cow рогатая корова
Crummie’s nicks marks on the horns of a cow
Crummock, Crummet a cow with crooked horns корова с кривыми рогами
Crummock driddle walk slowly, leaning on a staff with a crooked head медленно прогуливаться, опираясь на посох, с понурой головой
Crump crisp, hard and brittle (of bread), baked dry
Crump-crumpin hard and brittle, spoken of bread; frozen snow yielding to the foot чёрствый и хрустящий (о хлебе); хрустящий под ногами снег
Crunt a blow on the head with a cudgel удар по голове дубинкой
Cuddle to clasp and caress, to fondle ласкать
Cuif, coof a dolt, a ninny; a dastard тупица, болван, дуралей; подлец, трусливый негодяй
Cummer, kimmer gossip; woman, wife; lass, wench
Cummock (Crummock) a short staff, with a crooked head, a cudgel
Curch a covering for the head, a kerchief покрывало на голову, платок
Curchie curtsy, a curtsey, female obeisance реверанс
Curler a player at a game on the ice, practised in Scotland, called curling игрок (в кёрлинге)
Curlie curled, whose hair falls naturally in ringlets кудрявый
Curling a well-known game on the ice кёрлинг
Curmurring, murmuring a slight rumbling noise, commotion
Curpin the crupper of a horse, the rump круп (лошади), крестец
Curple the rear, the crupper (i. e., buttocks) зад
Cushat the dove, or wood-pigeon, the wood pigeon голубь, сизый или лесной
Custock the pith of the colewort кочерыжка
Cute ankle
Cutes feet, ankles
Cutty short, brief, a spoon broken in the middle
Cutty Stool, Cutty-stools or Creepie Chair the seat of shame, stool of repentance стульчак; позорный стул в шотландских церквах
D Top - Наверх
Dad, Daddie a father отец
Daez't dazed ошеломленный
Daffin merriment, foolishness, larking, fun, fooling, frolic, flirtation
Daft merry, giddy, foolish, mad, silly, libertine, wild with excitement
Daft-buckie mad fish
dail deal, fir or pine-wood plank
Dails planks
Daimen rare, now and then редко, время от времени
Daimen icker an ear of corn occasionally, an odd ear of corn
Dainty pleasant, worthy, good-humored, agreeable, rare
Dam pent-up water, urine
Damie diminutive of dame
Dandered wandered
Dang past t. of ding
Danton v. daunton
Darena dare not
Darg labor, task, a day's work
Darklins darkling, without light, in the dark темнота, в темноте
dashing cast down
date season, time of life
Daud to thrash, to abuse, a large piece, to pelt
Daudin-showers rain urged by wind
Daunder saunter прогуливаться
Daunton to daunt, subdue, discourage, cast down запугивать
Daur to dare
Daurg or Daurk a day’s labour
daurna dare not
Daurt, Daur't dared
Daut, dawt, dawte to fondle, caress
Daviely spiritless
Davoc diminutive of Davie, as Davie is of David
Daw, dawin to dawn рассвет
Dawd a large piece, lump, hunk
Dawin dawning of the day рассвет
Dawt, Dawte, Daut to fondle, caress
Dawtingly prettily, caressingly мило, ласково
Dawtit, dawtet fondled, caressed ласкать
Dead death
Dead-sweer extremely reluctant отчаянно сопротивляющийся
deal about divide, distribute
Dearies diminutive of dears, sweethearts уменьшит. от дорогие, возлюбленные
Dearthfu’ dear, expensive дорогой
Deave to deafen оглушать
Deil, Deevil, De'il, Diel devil
de'il a (ane) not a (one), no one at all (expressing strong negation)
Deil-haet nothing (Devil have it), damn all
Deil-ma-care Devil may care, no matter for all that
de'il-mak-matter no matter
Deleerit delirious, mad в бреду, бредовый, безумный, исступленный
delver gardener, labourer
Delvin digging
den dean, dingle лощина, долина
Dern'd hid
Descrive to describe, to perceive описывать, осознавать, постигать
Deuk, Deuks duck, ducks утка, утки
Devel a stunning blow ошеломляющий удар
dibble pointed stick for planting seedlings
Diddle to move quickly, jig, move jerkily быстро двигаться, толчками
Diel devil
Dight to wipe, to clean corn from chaff, winnowed, sifted, make ready, rub down молотить, очищать зерно от мякины, веять, просеивать
dimpl't dimpled
Din dun, muddy of complexion, dark, dingy
dine dinner-time
Ding (past t. dang, p.p. dung) to worst, to push, to surpass, to beat, overcome, to excel
Dink neat, lady-like, trim
Dink—trim finely dressed
Dinna do not
dint occassion, chance
Dirl a slight tremulous stroke or pain, a tremulous motion, to vibrate, to ring, shake, rattle, play vigorously, with a clatter
Distain stain пятно
Diz'n, Dizzen a dozen; dozen 'cuts' of yarn, the standard of a day's spinning дюжина
do put up with
Dochter daughter дочь
Doit act foolishly, blunder
Doited stupefied, silly from age, muddled, doting; stupid, bewildered
Dolt stupefied, crazed; also a fool
Donsie unlucky, affectedly neat and trim, pettish, vicious, bad-tempered, hapless, ill-tempered, unmanageable; restive; testy
Doodle, to dandle качать (ребёнка) на руках или на коленях
Dool sorrow, misery, to lament, to mourn; wo сожалеть, горевать, сокрушаться, оплакивать; тпру!
Doolfu' doleful, woful жалобный, скорбный, горестный
Doos doves, pigeons голуби
Dorty saucy, nice; pettish; supercilious, haughty дерзкий, живой, бойкий, милый; обидчивый
Doubt fear, think, suspect
Douce, do use sedate, prudent, kindly
Doucely decorously
Doudle dandle качать (ребёнка) на руках или на коленях, ласкать, баловать
Doudl'd dandled качать (ребёнка) на руках или на коленях, ласкать, баловать
Doucely, dousely soberly, prudently, sedately трезво, благоразумно, степенно
Dought (pret. of dow) was or were able, could
Douk duck, dip
Douked ducked
Douna, downa cannot
Doup backside, the bottom, buttocks задний, низ, нижний, зад, ягодица
Doup-skelper one that strikes the tail, bottom-smacker, lecher
Dour, doure, dowr, dowre stubborn, obstinate; cutting, harsh, severe
Dour and din sullen and sallow мрачный, угрюмый и болезненный
Douse or douce sober, wise, prudent рассудительный, здравомыслящий, мудрый, предусмотрительный, благоразумный
Douser more prudent более предусмотрительный, благоразумный
Dow, dowe (past t. docht) am or are able, can, dare; a dove, pigeon мочь, быть в состоянии сделать что-л.; голубь
Dowf, Dowff pithless, wanting force, dull
Dowie drooping, mournful, sad, dismal, melancholy, dejected, worn with grief, fatigue, &c., half asleep печальный, мрачный, траурный, изможденный от горя, усталый, и т.д., полусонный
Dowilie drooping прич. от глаг. унывать, падать духом, увядать, изнемогать
Downa am or are not able, cannot не смочь, не в состоянии сделать что-либо
Downa-do can not do, lack of power
down-brae downhill
dowr, dowre, dour, doure stubborn, obstinate; cutting, harsh, severe
doxy beggar's wench подруга нищего
Doylt wearied, exhausted; stupid, stupefied утомленный, истощенный, изнуренный, измученный, обессиленный; оцепенелый, отупелый, одурманенный
Doytin doddering
Doytl dazed, muddled, stupid
Dozen, dozin stupified, the effects of age, to doze, to benumb, impotent немощный от старости, дряблый, парализованный, бессильный
Dozen'd, Dozin torpid вялый, апатичный
Drab a young female beggar; to spot, to stain молодой нищий, попрошайка; пятно
Draigl't draggled испачканный
Drant, drunt prosing, sulks
Drap a drop, to drop
Drapie a little liquor
Drapping dropping
Draunting drawling, tedious, speaking with a sectarian tone говорить протяжно, растягивать слова как на проповеди
drave on drove on
Dree endure, suffer, put up with переносить, страдать
Dreep to ooze, to drop сочиться, капать
Dreeping driping (with gravy)
Dreigh, driegh, v. dreight tedious, slow, long about it, lingering, dull скучный, медлительный
Dribble drizzling, trickling, drizzle моросить, накрапывать
Driddle the motion of one who tries to dance but moves the middle only, to toddle, dawdle, saunter движения того, кто пытается станцевать, но только неумело двигается, ковылять
Drift a drove, a flight of fowls, flock, herd; falling snow, snow moved by the wind, driven by the wind
drink (past t. drank) taste
Droddum the breech, backside зад
Dress your droddum thrash you
Drone part of a bagpipe, the chanter; monotonous humming трубка волынки; монотонное гудение
Droop rumpl’t that droops at the crupper, short-rumped; with drooping haunches подхвостник (часть сбруи); "отвислый зад"
Drouk to wet, to drench мокнуть, промокать
Droukit wet, wetted мокрый
Drouth, Drouthy thirst, thirsty, drought жажда, засуха
Drucken, Druken drunken, tipsy пьяный, подвыпивший
Drumlie, Drumly muddy, turbid, cloudy, gloomy, thick-skulled грязный, мутный, неясный, мрачный, пустоголовый, тупоголовый
Drummock or Drammock raw meal and water mixed
Drunt pet, sour humour, the huff
Dry thirsty пересохший, иссохший, томимый жаждой
Dub a small pond, a hollow filled with rain water, puddle, slush, stagnant pool, mud, mire маленький пруд, яма наполненная дождевой водой, лужа
Duds rags, clothes тряпьё, одежда
Duddie ragged, tattered
Duddies diminutive of duds, rags, duds—clothes тряпки, тряпьё
Due fittingly; readily
Dung - dang worsted, pushed, stricken
dung in beaten into
Dunt dull knock, blow
Dunted throbbed, beaten избитый
Dunts blows
Durk dirk кинжал
Dush - dunsh to push, or butt as a ram
Dusht overcome with superstitious fear, to drop down suddenly, pushed or thrown down violently
dwall dwell
Dwalling dwelling
Dwalt dwelt
Dyke a fence (of stone or turf), a wall, low dry-stone wall
Dyvor bankrupt, or about to become one банкрот или почти разорившийся
E Top - Наверх
Ear' early рано, ранний
Earn eagle орел
Eastlin eastern восточный
E’e the eye глаз
Een, ein the eyes, the evening глаза; вечер
E'en even, just, the evening даже, вечер
E'er ever когда-либо
Eebree, E'ebrie the eyebrow бровь
Eenin’, E'enin' the evening вечер
Eerie, irie apprehensive; inspiring ghostly fear, frighted, haunted, dreading spirits
Eild old age, eld старость, стареть
Eith easy
Eke also
Elbuck the elbow локоть
Eldritch ghastly, frightful, fearsome, elvish, unearthly, uncanny, haunted жуткий, ужасный, страшный, волшебный, неземной, сверхъестественный, посещаемый духами, заколдованный
Elekit elected
Elf dwarf, bewitching girl
Ell (Scots) thirty-seven inches Старинная единица длины; в шотландском эле около 37 дюймов
Eller elder
Embro', Enbrugh Edinburgh Эдинбург
En’ end конец
Eneuch, Eneugh and aneuch enough достаточный
Enfauld infold
Enow enough
Erse Highland, Gaelic гэльский
Especial especially особенно
Ether-stone stone formed by adders, an adder bead
Ettle to try, attempt, aim пытаться, попытка, цель
Evermair evermore
Ev'n down downright, positive, sheer честный, прямой, откровенный, ясный
expeckit expected
Eydent diligent, assiduous прилежный
F Top - Наверх
Fa’ fall, lot, to fall, fate, fortune, portion, to get; suit; claim, lay claim to, befall; win, obtain
Fa’ that to enjoy, to try, to inherit
Factor steward, agent of an estate
Faddom’t fathomed, measured with the extended arms
Fae, Faes foe, foes противник, враг
Faem foam of the sea морская пена
Faiket forgiven or excused, abated, a demand, let off
Fain fond, glad, content
fain o' ither fond of each other
Fainness gladness, fondness, overcome with joy
Fair easy
Fairly clearly, indeed
Fair fa' good befall! welcome
Fairin, Fairin’ fairing, a present brought from a fair
give (get, take) a fairin reward, deserts, punishment
Fairy dwarfish
Fallow fellow, chap
Famous grand, fine
fank catch
Fa'n fallen
Fand did find, found
Far-aff far-off дальний, далёкий, отдалённый
Farl a cake of bread, oat-cake; third part of a cake; quarter of the circular oatmeal cake
Fash bother, trouble, worry, care, to trouble, to care for, annoyance
Fash'd, fash't bothered; irked
Fasheous, Fashious troublesome
Fasht troubled
Fasten e’en, Fasten-e'en Fasten’s even (the evening before Lent)
Faught fight
Faugh a single furrow, out of lea, fallow
Fauld and Fald a fold for sheep, to fold, the sheep-fold, folded
Faulding sheep-folding
Faun fallen
Fause false
Fause-house hole in a cornstack
Faut, Faute, fau't fault, failing
Fauteor wrong-doer
Fautor transgressor
Fausont, Fawsont decent, seemly, well-doing, respectable, seemly; good-looking
Feal loyal, steadfast
fear frighten, scare
Fearfu’ fearful, frightful
Fear’t affrighted
Feat neat, trim, spruce, clever
Febarwar February
Fecht (past t. faught) to fight
Fechtin’ fighting
Feck the bulk, the most part, value, return
the feck the majority, most
Feck and fek number, quantity
Fecket an under-waistcoat, waistcoat; sleeve waistcoat (used by farm-servants as both vest and jacket)
Feckfu’ large, brawny, stout
Feckless puny, weak, silly, pithless, feeble
Feckly mostly, for the most part, almost
fee hire (as a servant); servant's (half-yearly) wages
Feg a fig
Fegs (an exclamation) faith, indeed, truly, faith!
Feide feud, enmity
Feint v. fient
Feirrie lusty, sturdy
Fell keen, potent, harsh, biting; the flesh immediately under the skin, the cuticle under the skin; level moor, cruel, dreadful, deadly; pungent
Felly relentless
Fen, Fen',Fend a shift, to make a shift, contrive to live, to look after; to care for; keep off, support
how do ye fen how do you do
Fenceless defenseless беззащитный
Ferlie, ferly or ferley to wonder, a wonder, a term of contempt; to marvel
Fetch draw breath painfully, gasp, to pull by fits
Fetches catches, gurgles
Fetch’t pull’d intermittently, stopped suddenly
Fey strange; one marked for death, fated to death, doomed, predestined
Fidge to fidget, fidgeting, to wriggle, shrug, twitch, frisk
Fidge fu'fain twitch with excitement
Fidgin-fain tickled with pleasure, tingling-wild
Fiel well
Fient, Fint fiend, a petty oath, devil
Fient a not a, devil a
Fient haet nothing (fiend have it)
Fient haet o' not one of
Fient-ma-care, Fien ma care the fiend may care (I don't!), the devil may care
Fier, fiere sound, healthy, active; a brother, a friend, companion, hearty
Fierrie bustle, activity
Fin' (past t. fand) to find
fiscal procurator fiscal, attorney
Fissle to make a rustling noise, to fidget, bustle, fuss, tingle, fidget with delight
Fit, fitt foot, step
Fittie-lan, Fittie-lan' the nearer horse of the hindmost pair in the plough Левая задняя лошадь в упряжке, тянувшей четырехконный плуг. Левая пара шла по целине (lan'=land), правая по пахоте (furrow)
Fizz to make a hissing noise, fuss, disturbance
Flae a flea
Flaff flap, flutter
Flaffen, Flaffin the motion of rags in the wind; of wings, flapping
Flainen, Flainin, flannen flannel
Flandrekins foreign generals, soldiers of Flanders
Flang threw with violence, flung
Flee to fly
fleet-wing fly swiftly
Fleech to supplicate in a flattering manner, wheedle, coax, flatter
Fleechin supplicating
Fleesh a fleece
Fleg a kick, a random blow, a fight, scare, jerk
Flether to decoy by fair words
Fleth'rin, Flethrin, flethers flattering — smooth wheedling words
Flewit a sharp lash
Fley to scare, to frighten, terrify
Flichter, Flichterin, flichtering to flutter as young nestlings do when their dam approaches, fluttering
flie fly; something of no value
Flinders shreds, broken pieces
Fling (past t. flang) throw, kick, caper
Flinging kicking out in dancing; capering
Flingin-tree a piece of timber hung by way of partition between two horses in a stable; a flail
Flisk, flisky to fret at the yoke
Flisket, Fliskit fretted, capered
Flit to shift, move, go, depart
Flitter to vibrate like the wings of small birds
Flittering fluttering, vibrating, moving tremulously from place to place
Flunkie a servant in livery
Flyte, flyting scold: flyting, scolding
Fock, focks folk
Fodgel dumpy, plump and good-looking
Foggage rank grass
Foor (past t. of fare) hastened, fared (i. e., went); travelled
Foord a ford
Foorsday Thursday
For of
Forbears, forebears forefathers
Forby, Forbye, forebye besides, as well as
Forfairn distressed, worn out, jaded, forlorn, destitute, undone
Forfoughten exhausted
Forgather to meet, to encounter with, to meet with, assemble, congregate
Forgather up with keep company with
Forgie to forgive
Forinawed worn out
Forjesket jaded with fatigue
Forrit forward
Fother fodder
Fou, Fow, Fou’ full, drunk; very, quite
Foughten, forfoughten troubled, fatigued, harassed, worn out
Foul-thief the devil, the arch-fiend
Foumart a polecat
Foursome a quartet
Fouth plenty, enough, or more than enough, fulness, abundance
Fow a measure, a bushel; also a pitchfork; (also see Fou) Старинная мера кормов Шотландии
Frae from
Frank generous, lavish
Freak odd notion, fancy
Freath froth, the frothing of ale in the tankard, foam пивная пена
Free clear, leap over
Fremit estranged, hostile, strange, aloof, cold
Frien’ (pl. Freens) friend
Frosty-calker the heels and front of a horse-shoe, turned sharply up for riding on an icy road
Fu’ full
Fu'-han't full-handed
Fud a short tail (of a rabbit or hare), the scut or tail of the hare, coney, &c; backside
Fuff to blow intermittently
Fuff't puffed
Fu-hant full-handed; said of one well to live in the world
fun boisterous sport
funny sportive, whimsical, merry
Funnie full of merriment
Fur, furr a furrow
Fur-ahin the hindmost horse on the right hand when ploughing, the hindmost plough-horse in the furrow
Furder further, success, succeed
Furm a form, a bench, a wooden form
Furr furrow, ditch
Fusion fluidity caused by heat
Fusionless spiritless, without sap or soul, pithless, tasteless
Fyke trifling cares, to be in a fuss about trifles, fret, to fuss, fidget, commotion
Fyte to soil, to dirty
Fyle to defile, to foul
Fylt soiled, dirtied
G Top - Наверх
ga' gall, pustule, sore
Gab the mouth, to speak boldly or pertly, to talk (readily, eloquently)
Gabs talk
Gaberlunzie wallet-man, or tinker
Gae (pres. p. gaun; p. p. gaen) to go
Gae gave
gaed went
gaiger, gauger gauge
gaillies well enough
gain' against
gait goat
gang—go depart, walk
gangrel vagrant, tramp
gane or gaen gone
gaun going
Gaet or gate way, manner, road
Gaets habits
Gairs parts of a lady’s gown, gores
Gang to go, to walk
Gangrel a wandering person, vagrant
Gar to make, to cause, to compel, to force to
garten garter
gar’t forced to
Garcock the moorcock
Garten a garter
Gash wise, sagacious, talkative, to converse, self-complacent (implying prudence and prosperity); chat volubly, prattle, shrewd, witty, smart
Gashing talking, gabbing
Gat (past t. of get) got, begot, conceived
Gate way-road, manner, road, way, fashion
Gatty failing in body, enervated
Gaucy, Gaucie, Gawsie jolly, large, plump
Gaud and gad a rod or goad, goad for driving cattle in the plough
Gaudsman, goadsman one who drives the horses at the plough (boy who goads the team)
Gauger, gaiger gauge
Gaun Going, Gavin; see gae
Gau'n gavin
Gaunt gape, gasp
Gaunted yawned, longed, gaped
Gausie, gawsy ample, fine, showy, plump
Gawkie a thoughtless person, and something weak
Gawky foolish, a foolish woman or lad, stupid, empty-headed
Gawsie buxom; jolly
Gaylies, gylie pretty well, rather
Gear riches, goods of any kind, money, wealth; stuff, gold of any kind
Geck to sport; to toss the head in wantonness or scorn
Ged a pike
Geek toss the head in scorn, scoff (at)
Gentles great folks, gentry
Genty elegant, trim and elegant
Gently dainty, graceful, slender
Geordie diminutive of George, a guinea, called Geordie from the head of King George
Get, Gett issue, offspring, breed, brat
Get and geat a child, a young one
Ghaist, ghaistis a ghost
Gie (past t. gae, gied, pres. p. giein, p.p. gien) to give
Gied gave
Gien given
Gif if
Gift, Giftie power, talent
Giglet giddy girl
Giglets laughing maidens, giggling youngsters or maids
Gill measure of capasity (= 1/4pint)
Gillie, gillock diminutive of gill (glass of whiskey)
Gilpey young girl, a half-grown, half-informed boy or girl, a romping lad, a hoyden
Gimmer, gimmer-pet an ewe two years old, a young ewe, yearling ewe kept as pet, a contemptuous term for a woman
Gimp, jimp to jump, slender in the waist, handsome, small, slender
Gin if, against, should, whether; before, by
Gipsey a young girl
Girdle a round iron plate on which oat-cake, bannock is fired, griddle for baking scones
Girn to grin, snarl, to twist the features in rage, agony, &c.; grinning; gapes; snarls, to twist the face (but from pain or rage, not joy)
Giz, Gizz wig, a periwig, the face
Glaiket, Glaikit inattentive, foolish, thoughtless, giddy, careless
Glaive a sword
Glaizie glittering, smooth, like glass, glossy, shiny
Glaum snatch, grab, lay hold of
Glaum'd, Glaumed grasped, snatched at eagerly
Girran a poutherie girran, a little vigorous animal; a horse rather old, but yet active when heated
Gled a hawk, a kite
Gleede a glowing coal
Gleesome cheerful, merry
Gleg sharp, quick, lively, ready, nimble, keen-witted, smartly
Gley a squint, to squint
a-gley off at the side, wrong
Gleyde an old horse
Glib-gabber smooth-tongued
Glib-gabbet, Glib-gabbit that speaks smoothly and readily, smooth-tongued
Glieb a portion of land
Glieb o’ lan’ a portion of ground. The ground belonging to a manse is called “the glieb,” or portion
Glimpse take (have) a look at
Glint, glintin’ to peep, sparkle
Glinted by went brightly past
Gloamin the twilight, dusk
Gloamin-shot sunset, twilight musing; a shot in the twilight
Glowr, Glow'r to stare, to look; a stare, a look, stare wide-eyed, gaze intently; scowl
Glowran amazed, looking suspiciously, gazing
Glum displeased
Glunch frown, growl, look sullen, scowl
Goavin looking dazedlyl; mooning
Goom gum
Gor-cock male of the red grouse
Gor-cocks the red-game, red-cock, or moor-cock
Gossip neighbour-woman
Gotten got
Gowan the wild, or mountain, daisy, the flower of the daisy, dandelion, hawkweed, &c
Gowany covered with daisies
Goavan walking as if blind, or without an aim
Gowd gold
Gowdie the head
Gowl to howl
Gowling lamenting (as a dog in grief)
Gowff, Gowff'd a fool; the game of golf, to strike, as the bat does the ball at golf
Gowk term of contempt, the cuckoo, a dolt, fool
Grace-prood smugly conscious of divine favour
gracious friendly, amiable
Graff a grave, tomb, a vault
Grain, grane groan
Grain'd groaned
Grane or grain a groan, to groan
graining groaning
Graip a pronged instrument for cleaning cowhouses, a dung-fork
Graith accoutrements, tool, ploughing gear, furniture, dress, implements, gear; attire, habit
Graithing gearing, vestments
Grannie, graunie grandmother
Grane groan
Grape to grope
grapet groped
Grat, greet wept
Great, grit intimate, familiar
Gree to agree, the prize (degree), social degree, supremacy
to bear the gree to be decidedly victor
carry the gree win first place
Green yearn
Green-graff green grave
gree’t agreed
Greet (past t. grat) to shed tears, to weep, cry
greetin’ weeping
Grey-neck-quill a quill unfit for a pen
Griens longs, desires
Grieves stewards
Grippit seized
Grip sharp pain
Groanin-Maut, Groanin maut groaning malt, brewed for a lying-in, drink for the cummers at a lying-in
Groat to get the whistle of one’s groat; to play a losing game, to feel the consequences of one’s folly; silver coin of small value
Groset, Grozet a gooseberry
Gruesome loathsomely, grim
Grumble begrudge
Grumph a grunt, to grunt
Grumphie, Grumphin a sow, the pig; the snorting of an angry pig свиноматка; фырканье рассерженной свиньи
Grun’ ground
Grunstone, grustane a grindstone
Gruntle the phiz, the snout, a grunting noise, the face, diminutive of grunt
Grunzie a mouth which pokes out like that of a pig, growing
Grushie thick, of thriving growth, lusty, strong
Grutten wept
Gude, guid, guide, guids substitute for God, God, the Supreme Being, good, goods
Gude auld-has-been was once excellent
Gude-willy generous
Gude-willie-waught cordial drink
Guid-mornin’ good-morrow
Guid-e’en good evening
Guidfather, Guid-father and guidmother father-in-law, and mother-in-law
Guid-man husband
Guidman, guideman, Guid-man and guidwife, guidewife, Guid-wife the master and mistress of the house
young guidman a man newly married молодожён
Guid-willie hearty, full of good-will
Gully or Gullie a large knife
Gulravage joyous mischief, riotous play
Gumlie muddy
Gumption discernment, wisdom, knowledge, common-sense, talent
gust relish, flavour
Gusty, gustfu’ tasteful, tasty
Gut-scraper a fiddler
Gutcher grandsire, goodsire, grandfather
Gutscraper fiddler
Gutty pot-bellied
Gyvel gable
H Top - Наверх
Ha’ hall
Ha’ Bible the great Bible that lies in the hall
Ha' folk the servants
Ha'd, Haud to hold, to keep
ha'd aff keep away
ha'd on persist
ha'd you stay
Haddin holding, inheritance
Haddin’ house, home, dwelling-place, a possession
Hae to have, to accept
Haen had, (the participle of hae); haven
Haerse hoarse
Hae't, Haet have it, a thing
fient haet a petty oath of negation; nothing
devil haet damn all, nothing
ha'f, haff, hauf half
Haffet, hauffet the temple, the side of the head
Haffets side-locks
Hafflins half, nearly half, partly, not fully grown
Hafflins-wise, Haflins-wise partly, nearly
Hag a gulf in mosses and moors, moss-ground, a moss, a broken bog
Haggis a kind of pudding, boiled in the stomach of a cow, or sheep, a special Scots pudding, made of sheep's lungs, liver and heart, onions and oatmeal, boiled in a sheep's stomach
hail, hale, heal healthy, sound, well; health
Hain to spare, to save, to lay out at interest
Hain’d spared, enclosed, kept for hay
hain’d gear hoarded money
hainch haunch, hip
Hair whit, trifle, trace
deil a hair, fien'a hair not a bit
Hairst, har'st harvest
hairun-scairum wild
Haith petty oath, faith (an oath)
Haivers, havers nonsense, gossip, speaking without thought
Hal’ or hald an abiding place, holding, possession, hold, dwelling, refuge
Hale, hail, haill or heal whole, tight, health, healthy, sound, well
Halesome, Healsome wholesome
Hallan a particular partition-wall in a cottage, or more properly a seat of turf at the outside, a partition wall, a porch, outer door, partition to divert the draught
Halloween, Hallow-eve All Saints' Eve (31st of October)
Hallowmas, Hallowmass All Saints' Day (1st of November)
Haly holy; “haly-pool,” holy well with healing properties
Hame home
Hamely familiar, plain, friendly
Hammered the noise of feet like the din of hammers
Han', haun hand
beside our han' at our own hand, by, for ourselves
han' daurk labour of the hands
Han’s breed hand’s breadth
Han-darg v. darg
Hand-wal'd hand-picked (i.e., choicest)
Hangie hangman (nickname of the Devil)
Hanker hang about, loiter
Hanks thread as it comes from the measuring reel, quantities, &c
Hansel the first gift, new-year or good-luck gift; earnest
Hansel-throne throne when first occupied by a king
Hap an outer garment, mantle, plaid, &c.; to wrap, to cover, to hap, a wrap, a covering against cold, to shelter, to hop
Hap-shackled when a fore and hind foot of a ram are fastened together to prevent leaping he is said to be hap-shackled. A wife is called “the kirk’s hap-shackle”
Happer a hopper, the hopper of a mill
Happing hopping
Hap-step-an’-loup, Hap-step-an'-lowp hop, step, and leap, hop-step-and-jump
Harigals heart, liver, and lights of an animal
Hark listen
Harkit hearkened
Harn very coarse linen, coarse cloth, sackcloth
har'sts harvest
has been one past his best
Hash a fellow who knows not how to act with propriety, an oaf, hack, mangle, waste
Haslock woo the wool on the neck of a sheep
Hastit hastened
Haud, ha'd to hold, to keep
Hauf, ha'f half
Haugh fertile land by a river
Haughs low-lying, rich land, valleys, low-lying rich lands by a river
Haun, han' hand
Haurl to drag, to pull violently, to trail
Haurlin tearing off, pulling roughly
Hause cuddle, embrace
Haver-meal oatmeal
Haveril, haverel, hav'rel a half-witted person, half-witted, simpleton, one who habitually talks in a foolish or incoherent manner or talks nonsense
Havers nonsense
Havins good manners, decorum, good sense, manners, conduct, behaviour
Hawkie a cow, properly one with a white face, a white-faced cow, pet name for a cow
Heal, Hale, hail, haill whole, tight, health, healthy, sound, well
Heapit heaped, well-filled
Healsome, halesome healthful, wholesome
Hearse hoarse
Heather heath
Hech oh strange! an exclamation during heavy work, a sighing exclamation
Hecht promised, to foretell something that is to be got or given, foretold, the thing foretold, offered; threaten
Heckle a board in which are fixed a number of sharp steel prongs upright for dressing hemp, a flax-comb, flax, &c
Hee balou words used to soothe a child
Heels-o'er-gowdie v. gowdie
Heels-owre-gowdie topsy-turvy, turned the bottom upwards
Heeze to elevate, to hoist, to rise, to lift, exalt
Heich, heigh high
held (awa, to) took my way
Hellim the rudder or helm
Hem-shin'd crooked-shin'd
hen a term of endearment for a girl
Herd to tend flocks, one who tends flocks, a herd-boy
Here awa hereabout; hither (and thither)
Herrin’ a herring
Herry to plunder; most properly to plunder birds’ nests, to harry
Herryment plundering, devastation, spoliation
Hersel herself
Hersel-hirsel a flock of sheep, also a herd of cattle of any sort
Het hot, heated, burning, excited
Heugh a crag, a ravine, a hollow or pit; a steep bank
coal-heugh a coal-pit
lowin heugh a blazing pit
Heuk a hook, sickle
Hich, hie high
Hilch, hilchin’ to halt, halting, to hobble, lurch, limp
Hiltie-skiltie helter-skelter
Himsel himself
Hindmost last, final
Hiney, hinnie, hinny honey; sweetheart, sweet
Hing (past t. hang) to hang
Hirple to walk crazily, to walk lamely, to creep, to move unevenly; to limp, hobble
Hissels flock of sheep; so many cattle as one person can attend (R. B.)
Histie dry, chapt, barren, bare, stony
Hitcht a loop, made a knot
Hizzie, huzzy a young girl, a hussy, a wench, whore
Hoast, Host cough
Hoddan jogging along
Hoddin coarse grey homespun cloth; the motion of a husbandman riding on a cart-horse, humble; the motion of a sage countryman riding on a cart-horse (R. B.)
Hoddin-gray, Hoddin-grey woollen cloth of a coarse quality, made by mingling one black fleece with a dozen white ones, coarse gray woolen
Hoggie a two-year-old sheep, diminutive of hog; a lamb
Hog-score a distance line in curling drawn across the rink. When a stone fails to cross it, a cry is raised of “A hog, a hog!” and it is removed
Hog-shouther a kind of horse-play by jostling with the shoulder; to jostle
Holland holland cloth, fine linen
hollow halloo
Hoodie-craw a blood crow, corbie, the hooded crow, the carrion crow
Hoodock grasping, vulturish
Hooked caught
Hool outer skin or case, a nutshell, a pea-husk, the sheath
Hoolie slowly, leisurely, softly, gently
Hoord a hoard, to hoard
Hoordet, Hoordit hoarded
Horn a spoon made of horn, a horn spoon; a comb of horn
Hornie the (horned) Devil, one of the many names of the devil
Host or hoast to cough
Hostin coughing
Hotch hitch, jerk about
Hotch’d turned topsy-turvy, blended, ruined, moved, jerked
Hough disable, by cutting the tendons of the hough
Houghmagandie loose behaviour, fornication
Houlet, Howlet an owl
Houpe hope
Housie diminutive of house
Hove, hoved to heave, to swell, rise, make swell, distend
Howck dig, delve
Howdie, howdy a midwife
Howe hollow, deep, a hollow or dell, hollow valley, glen
Howebackit sunk in the back, spoken of a horse
Howff a house of resort
Howk to dig
Howkit digged
Howkin’ digging deep
Howlet, Houlet the owl
Hoy, hoy’t to urge, urged (R. B.)
Hoyse a pull upwards, a hoist. “Hoyse a creel,” to raise a basket; hence “hoisting creels”
Hoyte move clumsily, waddle, to amble crazily (R. B.)
Huff scold
Hughoc diminutive of Hughie, as Hughie is diminutive of Hugh
Hullions slovens
Hum 1) hoax, take in, humbug; 2) mumble
Hums and hankers mumbles and seeks to do what he cannot perform
Hunder a hundred
Hunkers hams, haunches, kneeling and falling back on the hams
Hurcheon, hurchin a hedgehog
Hurchin urchin
Hurdies the loins, the crupper (R. B.) (i. e., the buttocks, backside)
Hurl to trundle
Hushion a cushion, also a stocking wanting the foot, a footless stocking
Huchyalled to move with a hilch
Hyte furious
hyvie well-off
I Top - Наверх
I' in
i' in, into
Icker an ear of corn
Ieroe, Ier-oe a great-grandchild
Ilk or ilka each, every
ill evil
Ill-deedie mischievous
Ill o't bad at it
ill-tach ill-taken, resented
Ill-taen ill-taken
Ill-thief the Devil
Ill-willie ill-natured, malicious, niggardly, ill-disposed, ungenerous
in during during
in to within, to
Indentin indenturing, pledging, engaging
Ingine genius, ingenuity, talent; wit
Ingle fire, fire-place, the fireside, fire burning on a hearth
Ingle-cheek fireside (properly the jamb of the fireplace)
Ingle-low, Ingle-lowe fire-light, light from the fire, flame from the hearth, flame of the fire
I rede ye I advise ye, I warn ye
I’se I shall or I will
Itsel' itself
Ither other, one another, another, further, otherwise else
J Top - Наверх
jacket coat of mail
Jad jade; also a familiar term among country folks for a giddy young girl, mare, wench, hussy
Janwar, Januar, Janwar' January
Jauk to dally, to trifle, waste time
Jaukin’, jaukin trifling, dallying, delay
Jauner talking, and not always to the purpose, gabber, idle chatter
Jauntie diminutive of jaunt, journey
Jaup a jerk of water; to jerk, as agitated water, splash
Jaw coarse raillery, to pour out, to shut, to jerk as water, talk, impudence, to throw, to dash
Jeeg to jog
Jillet a jilt, giddy wench, a giddy girl
Jimp, gimp to jump, slender in the waist, handsome, small, slender, graceful, neat
Jimply neatly
Jimps stays, skirts
Jink to dodge, dart, slip aside, to turn a corner; a sudden turning, a corner, the slip, to frisk, to sport
Jink an’ diddle moving to music, motion of a fiddler’s elbow. Starting here and there with a tremulous movement
Jinker that turns quickly, a gay sprightly girl; dodger (coquette); a jinker noble; a noble goer
Jinkin’ dodging, the quick motion of the bow on the fiddle
Jirkinet bodice свитер в обтяжку
Jirt a jerk, the emission of water, to squirt
Jiz a wig
Jo, joe a sweetheart, dear
job intrigue
Jocteleg a kind of knife, a clasp-knife
Jorum drinking-vessel, punch-bowl
Jouk to stoop, to bow the head, to conceal, to duck, to cover, to dodge
Jow, to jow a verb, which includes both the swinging motion and pealing sound of a large bell (R. B.); also the undulation of water; toll
Jowler heavy-jawed dog
Jundie to jostle, a push with the elbow
Jumpet, jumpit jumped
Jurr a servant wench
K Top - Наверх
Kae a daw, a jackdaw
Kail, kale colewort, cabbage, a kind of Scots' broth, borecole, green kale
Kail-blade the leaf of the colewort
Kail-gullie a cabbage knife
Kailrunt, Kail-runt the stem of the colewort, stalk stripped of leaves
Kail-whittle a cabbage knife
Kail-yard a kitchen garden
Kain, kane fowls, &c., paid as rent by a farmer, rents in kind
Kane payment in kind
Kame a comb
Kebar long pine pole, rafter
Kebars rafters
Kebbuck a cheese, home-made cheese
a kebbuck heel the last crust of a cheese, the hard end of a cheese
Keckle joyous cry; to cackle as a hen, to cackle, to giggle
Keek a peer, to peep, look, glance
Keekin-glass the looking-glass
Keel red chalk
Kelpies river demons; a sort of mischievous water-spirit, said to haunt fords and ferries at night, especially in storms
Ken to know, learn, be acquainted with, recognize
Kenna know not
ken’d or ken’t knew
Kennin a small matter, a very little (merely as much as can be perceived), trifle
Kep to catch, keep
Ket, Ketty matted, hairy fleece of wool, the fleece on a sheep's body
Key quay
Kiaught carking, anxiety, to be in a flutter
Kilt to truss up the clothes, to tuck up
Kimmer, cummer a young girl, a gossip, a wench, a wife
Kin', kind nature, disposition
Kin’ kindred
Kin’ kind, kindly, agreeable
Kindly affectionate, loving
King’s-hood a certain part of the entrails of an ox, the 2d stomach in a ruminant (equivocal for the scrotum), paunch
Kintra, kintrie, koontrie, countra country
Kirk, kirn church
Kirk-hammer clapper of church bell
Kirn the harvest supper, merrymaking at the end of harvest, a churn, harvest home; church
Kirsen, kirs'n to christen, to baptize
Kist a shop-counter, chest, counter, coffer
Kitchen anything that eats with bread, to serve for soup, gravy, to relish, season, give relish to
Kittle to tickle, ticklish, difficult, delicate, fickle, excite, rouse, likely, difficult, tricky, dangerous, hard to resist
Kittlin, kittlin' kitten
Kittling a young cat. The ace of diamonds is called among rustics the kittlin’s e’e
Kiutlin cuddling
Knagg knot, spur
Knaggie like knags, or points of rocks, knobby, bony
Knappin-hammer a hammer for breaking stones
Knap to strike or break
Knoit knock
Knurl, Knurlin crooked but strong, knotty, dwarf
Knowe a small, round hillock, a knoll, mound
Kuittle to cuddle
kuitlin cuddling, fondling
Kye cows, cattle
Kyle a district in Ayrshire
kyles skittles
Kyte, Kytes the belly, bellies
Kythe to discover, to show one’s self, to show
L Top - Наверх
Labour thrash, belabour
Lade a load
Laddie diminutive of lad
lae lie down (to, with)
laft loft
Lag backward, laggard
Laggen the angle between the side and the bottom of a wooden dish
laid upon (past t. lay upon) assailed
Laigh low
Laik, lake lack
Lair lore, learning, bed, grave
Laird landowner, landed proprietor, squire
Lairing, lairie wading, and sinking in snow, mud &c., miry, sticking or sinking in moss or mud
Laith loath, reluctant, impure
Laithfu‘ bashful, loathful, sheepish, abstemious
Lake, Laik lack
Lallan, Lalland lowland
Lallans Scottish dialect, Scots Lowland vernacular, Lowlands
Lambie, Lammie diminutive of lamb
Lammas moon harvest-moon
Lampit kind of shell-fish, a limpet
Lan‘ land, estate, country; untilled soil
Lan’-afore foremost horse in the plough Левая передняя лошадь в упряжке, тянувшей четырёхконный плуг
Lan’-ahin hindmost horse in the plough Левая задняя лошадь в упряжке, тянувшей четырёхконный плуг
Lane lone; (after poss. pron.) self
my lane, thy lane, &c. myself alone, when I'm alone
thy lane on your own
Lanely lonely, solitary
Lang long долгий
to think lang to long, to weary долгий, утомительный
Lang syne long since, long ago
lank thin and languid
Lap did leap, leapt; enfolded, wrapped
Late and air late and early
Lave the rest, the remainder, the others
Laverock, lav'rock the lark
Law decree, determine
Lawin the reckoning
Lawlan’ lowland
Lay ascribe, attribute; allay
Lay, lea, lee untilled ground
Lay my dead attribute my death
Lea grass, untilled land, left fallow, pasture
lea'e leave
Leal loyal, true, faithful
Lear learning, lore
Learn teach
least lest, for fear that
lether hide skin; lining of the throat
Leddy lady
Lee-lang live-long, whole
Leesome lawful, dear, delightful
Leesome luve happy, gladsome love
Leeze me a phrase of congratulatory endearment; I am happy in thee or proud of thee
Leeze me on dear is to me; blessings on; commend me to
left-hand sinister
Leister a three-pronged and barbed dart for striking fish, a fish-spear, pronged spear used in salmon fishing
Len' to lend, give, grant
let allow
Leugh did laugh, laugh'd
Leuk a look, to look, watch
Ley-crap lea-crop
Libbet castrated
Lick measure, little bit
Lick, licket beat, thrashen
Licks a beating
liein telling lies
Lien lain
Lieve lief
as lieve rather
Lift sky, heavens, firmament; a load, large amount
gie a lift give a helping hand
Light alight
Lightly sneeringly, to sneer at, to undervalue, slight, to disparage, to scorn
like to likely to, as if
Lilt a ballad, a tune, to sing
Limmer a kept mistress, a strumpet, to jade; mistress; whore
Limp’t limped, hobbled
Link to trip along, trip, go briskly
linkin tripping along
Lin, Linn a waterfall, a cascade, cataract
Lint flax, flax plant
lint i’ the bell flax in flower
Lintwhite, Lint-white a linnet, flaxen, flax-colored
Lippen'd trusted
Lippie diminutive of lip
list enlist
Loan the place of milking
Loan, Loaning lane, a strip of grass, serving as pasture, road
Loanin the private road leading to a farm
Locked closely fastened
Lo'e, Loove love
Lo'ed loved
Lon'on London
Loof (pl. looves) the palm of the hand
Loon, loun, lown a fellow, a varlet, rascal, rogue, whore
Loosome lovable, sweet, charming
Loot did let, let, allow, palm
Looves the plural of loof
Losh Lord; a minced oath
Losh man! rustic exclamation modified from Lord man
Lough a pond, a lake, loch
Loun, Lown, Loon a follow, a ragamuffin, a woman of easy virtue
Loup, Lowp leap, jump, startled with pain
Lour lock threateningly
Louper-like lan-louper, a stranger of a suspected character
Louse, lowse to loose, to untie, let loose
Low, Lowe a flame, blaze, rage
Lowin, lowing flaming, burning
lowin-drouth burning desire for drink
Lowp, Loup leap, jump, startled with pain
Lowrie abbreviation of Lawrence
Lowse, louse to loose, to untie, let loose
Lowsed unbound, loosed
Lucky a grandmother, an old woman; an ale wife
Lug the ear
chimla lug side wall of chimney recess
Lug of the law at the judgment-seat
Lugget having a handle, having ears
Luggie a small wooden dish with a handle, a porringer
Lum the chimney
lum-head chimney-top
Lume a loom
Lunardi a balloon bonnet
Lunch a large piece of cheese, flesh, &c; large slice, thick piece большой кусок сыра, мяса и т.д.
Lunches full portions
Lunt a column of smoke or steam, to smoke, to walk quickly
Luntin smoking
Luve love
Lyart of a mixed colour, gray, gray in general; discolored by decay or old age; grizzled, grey; streaked red and white
Lynin lining
M Top - Наверх
Mae and mair more
Maggot’s-meat food for the worms
Mahoun Satan, Devil
Mailen, mailin a farm, piece of arable land held on lease
Mailie Molly
Mair more, greater
mair for token especially, in particular
Maist most, almost
Maistly mostly, for the greater part
Mak, Mak‘ to make
Mak o', make o' to pet, to fondle
makin‘ making
Mall Mally
Mally Molly, Mary
Mamie, Mither mother
Mang, 'mang, amang among
Manse the house of the parish minister is called “the Manse”
Manteele a mantle, cape
mantling foaming, creaming
Mark marks. This and several other nouns which in English require an s to form the plural, are in Scotch, like the words sheep, deer, the same in both numbers
Mark, merk a Scottish coin, value thirteen shillings and four-pence (13 sterling 4d.)
Marled party-coloured
Mar’s year the year 1715. Called Mar’s year from the rebellion of Erskine, Earl of Mar
Martial chuck the soldier’s camp-comrade, female companion
Mashlum mixed corn, of mixed meal
Mask to mash, as malt, &c., to infuse
maud shepherd's plaid
Maskin-pot teapot
Maukin a hare
Maun must
Mauna, Maunna mustn't, must not
Maut, maute malt, ale
groaning maute ale provided at a lying-in
Mavis the thrush
maun mowed
Maw to mow, to reap
Mawin mowing
maw’d mowed
Mawn mown
Mawn a small basket, without a handle (or a large basket?)
Mear, Meere a mare
Meikle, mickle, muckle, mikle much, great, plentiful
meikle corn oats
Melancholious mournful
Melder a load of corn, &c., sent to the mill to be ground, a grinding corn; quantity of meal given for a customer at one time
Mell to be intimate, to meddle, consort, also a mallet for pounding barley in a stone trough
Melvie to soil with meal, to powder with meal-dust
Men‘ to mend
Mense good manners, decorum, tact, sense, discretion, politeness
Menseless ill-bred, impudent, unmannerly
Merle the blackbird
Merran Marian
Mess John, Mass John the parish priest, the minister
Messin, messen a small dog, lap-dog; a cur, a mongrel
Middin a dunghill
Middin-creels dung-baskets, panniers in which horses carry manure, manure-baskets
Midden dub midden puddle
Midden-hole a gutter at the bottom of the dunghill
Milking shiel, Milkin-shiel the milking shed, a place where cows or ewes are brought to be milked
Mim prim, affectedly meek, demurely
Mim-mou’d gentle-mouthed, prim-lipped
Min‘ to remember, mind, remembrance, recollection
Minawae minuet
Mind to remember, to bear in mind, remind
Mind’t mind it, resolved, intending, remembered
Minnie, minny, mither mother, dam
Mirk dark, darkness
mirk some dark
Misca‘, miska to abuse, to call names, to miscall, malign
misca’d abused
Mischanter, mishanter accident, mishap, misadventure
Misleard, Mislear'd mischievous, unmannerly
Miss mistress, whore
Mistak (past t. misteuk, p.p. mista'en) mistake
Misteuk mistook
Mite-horn horn on the harvest-bug
Mither, mamie (dim.), minnie, minny (familiar) mother
Mixtie-maxtie confusedly mixed, mish-mash, confused
Modewurk, Moudiewart, Moudieworts, Moudiwort mouldwarp, a mole
Moistify, moistified to moisten, to soak; moistened, soaked
Monie, Mony many
Mons-Meg a large piece of ordnance, to be seen at the Castle of Edinburgh, composed of iron bars welded together and then hooped
Mool earth, clod, grave
Mools earth
Monie, Mony many
Mools crumbling earth, grave
Moop to nibble as a sheep, to nibble, to keep close company, to meddle, kiss
Moorlan of or belonging to moors
Morn the next day, to-morrow
Moss swamp, peat-bog
Mottie dusty, spotty
Mou, Mou' the mouth
Moudieworts, Moudiwort, modewurk, moudiewart moles, a mole
Mousie diminutive of mouse
Mow, mowe copulate (with a woman)
Muckle, meikle or mickle great, big, much
Muir moor
Muscle mussel, mollusc
Muses-stank muses-rill, a stank, slow-flowing water
Musie diminutive of muse
Muslin-kail broth, composed simply of water, shelled barley, and greens; thin poor broth, beefless broth, thin broth, of barley and greens
Mutchkin an English pint, quarter pint
Muve move
Mysel myself
N Top - Наверх
'n and
Na‘ no, not, nor
Nae, Na no, not, not any; by no means
Naebody, nabody nothing
Naething, Nathing or naithing nothing
Naig a horse, small horse, pony, a nag
Nail, Nail't clinch, prove
Nane none
Nappy ale, liquor, to be tipsy
Natch a notching implement; abuse, notch
Naur near
Near-hand almost
Neebor, neibor, nibor neighbor, a neighbour
Negleckit, negleket neglected
Needna needn't
Neuk, Newk nook, a corner
New-ca'd newly driven, newly-calved
Neist, niest next, nighest
Nibor, Neebor, neibor neighbor, a neighbour
Nice fine, precise
Nick (Auld), Nickie-ben a name of the Devil
Nick to sever; to slit; to nail, to seize away, cut
Nickie-ben v. Nick - (familiar) Devil
Nick-nackets curiosities
Nicks cuts; the rings on a cow's horns
Nidge push, thrust
Niest, Neist next, nighest
Nieve, neif the fist, clenched-hand
Nievefu’, Nieve-fu' handful, fistful
Niffer an exchange, to barter
Niger a negro
nightly appearing at night
Nine-tailed cat a hangman’s whip
to the nine, to the nines highest degree
Nit a nut
No not, not that
Nocht nothing
Noddle head, brain
nor than
nor ... nor neither ... nor
Norland of or belonging to the north, northern, from the north
Notic’t noticed
Notion understanding, fancy, desire
Nowt, Nowte black cattle, cattle, oxen
Nyvel navel
O Top - Наверх
O’ of
o'boot into the bargain, as well
ochon, oh-hon alas
O'er, oer, ower, owre over
Oergang overcome, trample on
O’ergang overbearingness, to treat with indignity, literally to tread
O’erlay an upper cravat, necktie
O'erword, ower-word the refrain, burden; catchword
Offer promise, seem likely, to turn out
Oh-hon, ochon alas
Onie, Ony any
Or is often used for ere, before
Orra extra, odd, spare
Orra-duddies superfluous rags, old clothes
Ostler house hostelry, inn
O’t of it
Ought, aught anything
Oughtlins aughtlins, aught in the least, anything in the least; at all
Ourie drooping, shivering, poor, dreary
Outcast quarrel
Oursel, oursels ourselves
Outler unhoused
Outlers outliers; cattle unhoused
out-owre over across, above, beyond
outspark spoke out, up
out-thro' right through
Ower, owre over, too
Owre-hip striking with a forehammer by bringing it with a swing over the hip
Owsen oxen, cattle
Owther, Owthor author
Oxter'd, Oxtered carried or supported under the arm, held up under the arms
P Top - Наверх
Pack intimate, familiar; twelve stone of wool
pack (aff) go packing, depart
Pack an' thick confidential
Paidle, paidlen to walk with difficulty, as if in water, to walk with a weak action; to wade, to paddle, nail-bag
Painch paunch, belly
Paitrick, paetrick partridge; used equivocally of a wanton girl
Palaver idle chatter, nonsense
Pang to cram, stuff
Parle courtship, speech, language
Parliamentin attending, serving in parliament
Parishen, Parishon parish
Parritch, pirratch oatmeal pudding, a well-known Scotch drink, porridge
Parritch-pats porridge-pots
Party-match card contest
Pat did put, a pot
Pattle, Pettle a plow-staff, a small spades to clean the plough, to cherish
Paughty proud, haughty, insolent
Paukie, pauky, pawkie cunning, sly, artful, crafty
Pay give deserts, flog
Pay’t paid, beat
Pay't hollow beat thoroughly
Peat-reek the smoke of burning turf, a bitter exhalation, whisky
Peer equal, rank with
Pech to fetch the breath shortly, as in an asthma
Pechan, peghan the crop, the stomach
Pechin respiring with difficulty, panting, blowing
pell mell in violent disorder
Pennie riches
Pennie fee, Penny-fee wage in money, wages paid in money
Penny-wheep small beer
Perish make to perish, destroy
Pet a domesticated sheep, &c., a favourite
Pettle, pattle a plow-staff, a small spades to clean the plough, to cherish
Philabeg, Philibeg the kilt, the Highlander's kilt
phiz (slang) countenance, expression
Phraise fair speeches, flattery, to flatter
Phraisin flattering, wheedling
Phrase to flatter, to wheedle
Pibroch a martial air, classical bagpipe music
Pickle a small quantity of smth., one grain of corn, a few, a little
Pictur'd beuk, Beuk a book книга
Pigmy-scraper little fiddler; a term of contempt for a bad player
Pike, pyke pick (at)
Pin skewer; gallows-peg
Pine pain, sorrow
Pint (Scots) three imperial pints
Pint-stomp a two-quart measure
Pine pain, uneasiness
Pingle a small pan for warming children’s sops
Pirratch, Parritch oatmeal pudding, a well-known Scotch drink, porridge
Pish, Piss urinate
Pit put, made
Placads proclamations
Plack an old Scotch coin, the third part of an English penny, four pennies (Scots), copper, nothing worth
Plackless pennyless, without money
Plaid, Plaidie long piece of tartan woollen cloth, used as a cloak
Plaiden coarse woolen cloth
Plaister plaster
Platie diminutive of plate
Play joy, pleasure
Plenish'd stocked
Pleugh, Plew a plough, a plow
Pliskie a trick
Pliver a plover, green plover, lapwing
Plumrose primrose
Plush a sort of velvet
Pock a meal-bag, a poke, a bag, a wallet
Poind to seize on cattle, or take the goods as the laws of Scotland allow, for rent, &c, to seize, to distrain, to impound; seize goods and sell them under warrant
Poorteth, Poortith poverty
Poosie, Poossie 1) (pejorative) woman; 2) Puss, the hare
Poosion poison
Posie a nosegay, a garland
Pou, Pow, Pu', Pou’d to pull, pulled
Pouch pocket
Pouk to pluck, to poke
Poupit pulpit
Pouse to pluck with the hand, a push
Poussie a hare or cat
Pout a polt, a chick
Pou’t did pull
Pouther, powther powder
Poutherey fiery, active
Pouthery like powder
Pouts chicks
Pow, pou the head, the skull, the poll, to pull, pulled
Pownie a little horse, a pony
Pow't pulled
Powt poult, chicken
Powther or pouther gunpowder
Preclair supereminent
Pree, Prie to taste, try, kiss
Pree'd, pried (proved) tasted
Preen a pin, something of little value
Prent printing, print
Preses president
Prie, pree to taste, try, kiss
prie’d tasted
Prief proof, substance, quality
Prig to cheapen, to dispute
priggin cheapening, haggling
Primsie demure, precise; diminutive of prim
Proper handsome, elegant, fine
Propone to lay down, to propose
Proves, Proveses provost, provosts
Pu', pou, pow to pull
Puddock-stools toadstools, mushrooms
Puir poor
Pumps low-heeled shoes
Pun', Pund, pund o’ tow pound, pound weight of the refuse of flax
Pursie diminutive of purse
Pussie a hare (also a cat)
Pyet a magpie
Pyke, pike to pick
Pyle spike, blade; grain
Pyle, a pyle, o’ caff a single grain of chaff
Pyles grains
Pystle epistle
Q Top - Наверх
Quarrel dispute, challenge
Quat quit, quitted, leave, put by
Quak the cry of a duck
Quean, quine a young woman, a lass, young girl, sturdy lass, hussy
Quech a drinking-cup made of wood with two handles
Queer odd in appearance, roguish
Queir choir
Quey a cow from one to two years old, a young cow, a heifer
Quietlin-wise, quietlenswise quietly
Quine, quean a young woman, a lass, young girl, sturdy lass, hussy
Quakin quaking
Quo' (past t. of quethe), quod quoth, said
R Top - Наверх
Rab rob
Racked excessive, extortionate
Rade rode
Raep, Rape a rope
Ragged unkempt, shaggy
Ragweed herb-ragwort, ragwort Амброзия (трава)
Raible to rattle, nonsense, gabble
Raibles recites by rote
Rair to roar, complain
Rairin roaring
Rair't roared
Raise, rase rose
Raise'd made get up
Raize to madden, to inflame, to excite, anger, provoke, rouse
Ramblan roving
Ramfeezl'd, Ramfeezled fatigued, overpowered, exhausted
Ramgunshoch surly, ill-tempered
Rampin’ raging
Ramstam, Ram-stam thoughtless, forward, headlong, headstrong, reckless
Randie, Randy a scolding sturdy beggar, lawless, obstreperous, a shrew, randy, a scoundrel, a rascal, rough, rude fellow, course-tongued, riotous
Rant to rollick, to roister, make merry
Ranter riotous fellow, merry singer
Rantin‘ joyous
Rants merry meetings; rows
Rape, raep a rope
Raploch properly a coarse cloth, but used for coarse, homespun, homely
Rarely excellently, very well
Rash a rush
Rash-buss a bush of rushes, a clump of rushes
Rashy rushy
Rattlin, Rattlin', Rattlin'g lively in speech or manner
Rattan, ratton, rottan, rattoon a rat
Ratton-key the rat-quay
Raucle rash, stout, fearless, reckless, rough, bitter, sturdy, coarse, rudely strong
Raught reached
Raw a row, file
Rax to stretch, to extend
Ream cream, to cream, foam, to foam, froth
Reamin’ brimful, frothing
Reave take by force, to rob
Rebute to repulse, rebuke, rebuff, reproach
Reck to heed, regard, care for
Red, rede advised, afraid, to advise, to counsel, warn
Rede counsel, to counsel, to discourse
Red-peats burning turfs
Red-wat-shod red-wet-shod, walking in blood over the shoe-tops
Red-wud stark mad, violently distracted
Ree half drunk, fuddled
a ree yaud a wild horse
Reek smoke
Reekie, reeky smoky
Reekin streaming with warm blood
Reekin’ smoking
Reekit smoked, smoky
Reest stand restive
Reestet smoke-dried
Reestit stood restive; stunted, withered, scorched, refused to go
Remarkin observation, entertainment
Remead, Remeid remedy, redress
Reif thieving
Requite requited
Restricked restricted
Rew to smile, look affectionately, tenderly
Ribban riband, ribbon
Rice branch
Rickle pile of sheaves, stack
Rickles shocks of corn, stooks, small stacks of corn in the fields
Riddle instrument for purifying corn
Rief plunder, thieving, despoiling
Rief-randies men who take the property of others, accompanied by violence and rude words
Rig a ridge
Riggin the roof-tree, the roof
Rigwoodie, rig-woodie lean, withered, coarse, yellow
Rin to run, to melt
Rinnin’ running
Ring reign
Ringer circlet, binding
Rink the course of the stones, a term in curling on ice
Rip, Ripp a handful of unthreshed corn, a handful of corn from the sheaf
Ripple remove seed from flax
Ripples pains in the back and loins, sounds which usher in death
Ripplin-kame instrument for dressing flax, the wool or flax comb
Risk make a noise like the breaking of small roots with the plough
Riskit a noise like the tearing of roots, cracked
Rive to split, to tear, to tug, to burst, break up, part asunder
Roaring brisk, vigorous
Rock a distaff
Rockin, Rockin’ a denomination for a friendly visit, a social meeting. In former times young women met with their distaffs during the winter evenings, to sing, and spin, and be merry; these were called “rockings”
Roke distaff
Rood quarter-acre, stands likewise for the plural, roods
Roon round, circuit, a shred, the selvage of woollen cloth
Roose, rouse to praise, to commend, to flatter, reputation, stir up, agitate
Roosty rusty
Rottan, Rattan, Ratton a rat
Roun’ round, in the circle of neighbourhood
Round confidently
Roupet, rupit hoarse, as with a cold, exhausted in voice, husky говорить хриплым, простуженным, сиплым голосом
Rouse, roose to praise, to commend, to flatter, reputation, stir up, agitate
Rousing outrageous
Rout road, course, way
Routh, rowth plenty, a store, abundance
Routhie well-stocked
Rove ramble
Row, rowe to roll, to rap, to roll as water; to flow, as a river; to wrap
Rowan (tree) mountain ash
Row’t rolled, wrapped
Rowte to low, to bellow, roar, cry loudly
Rowth, Routh plenty, a store
Rowtin’ lowing
Rozet rosin, resin
Rumble-gumption rough commonsense
Rumming drinking
Run-deils downright devils, complete devil
Rung a cudgel
Runt the stem of colewort or cabbage, a cabbage or colewort stalk, stunted
Runkl'd, Runkled wrinkled
Rupit, Roupet hoarse, as with a cold, exhausted in voice, husky говорить хриплым, простуженным, сиплым голосом
Ruth a woman’s name, the book so called, sorrow, pity
Ryke (past t. raught) reach
S Top - Наверх
's shortened form of is, as, us, s(h)all, has
Sab to sob
Sae so
Saft soft, silly
Sair to serve, a sore, severe, strong, sorely, treat, suffice, sorry, sad, aching, hard, harsh
sair-wark hardship
sair-won hard won
sairie, sairy sorrowful, sorry, mean, wretched
Sairly sorely
Sair’t served
sald past t. of sell
Sall shall
sample example
Sandy, Sannack, Sannock, Sawnie diminutive of Alexander
Sang song
Sappy plump, succulent
Sark a shirt, chemise
Half sarket half-closed
Sarkit provided in shirts
Saugh willow, sallow
Saugh-woodies withies, made of willows, now supplanted by ropes and chains
Saul soul
Saumont, sawmont salmon
Saumont-coble rowing-boat
Saunt, sauntet saint, puritan; to varnish
Saut salt
Saut-backets v. backets
Saw to sow
Sawin’ sowing
Sawmont, Saumont salmon
Sawney v. sandy
Sax six
Scaith, Scathe, Skaith damage, hurt
Scandal-potion tea
Scant deficient, poor, scarce; dearth, poverty
Scar, Scaur cliff, bank, rock; scare, frighten off
Scathe, Scaith, Skaith damage, hurt
Scaud to scald
Scaul, Scauld to scold
Scaur, Scar apt to be scared, afraid; a precipitous bank of earth which the stream has washed red, a jutting rock or bank of earth
Scawl scold, scolding, abusive woman
Scho she
Schulin schooling
Sclates slates
Scone a kind of bread, a soft flour cake
Sconner a loathing, to loath, disgust, sicken, feel sick
score indentation
scow'r roister, run
Scraich and Scriegh to scream, as a hen or partridge
Scraichin calling hoarsely
Screed to tear, a rent, a rip, to repeat rapidly, to rattle
screeding tearing
Scraichan, Scriechin screaming, screeching
Skreegh, Scriegh, skriegh screech, shriek; to express (sth) in a screeching voice; make a high-pitched, screeching noise, as of a door, cry shrilly, neigh
Scrieve, scrieven to glide softly, gleesomely along
Scrievin careering, writing
Scrimp to scant, be sparing of, cut down on
Scrimpet, Scrimpit scant, scanty
Scrimply scarcely, barely
Scroggie, scroggiey covered with underwood, bushy, covered with stunted bushes
Scroggie, scroggy scrubby
Sculdudrey fornication
Sculdudd'ry bawdry
seam'd sewn up
See'd saw (past t. of see)
far seen well versed
se'enteen seventeen
Seisins freehold possessions
Seizin’ seizing
Sel, sel', sell self
a body’s sel’ one’s self alone
Sell'd, Sell’t did sell, sold
Semple simple
Semple-folk humble, common folk
Sen, Sin a son
Sen’ to send
Servan’ servant
service toast in homage
Set to set off, set out; to start, sat
Settlin’ settling
to get a settlin’ to be frightened into quietness
Sets becomes
Sets, sets off goes away
Shachl't twisted by shuffling
Shachl'd shapeless
Shachlet-feet ill-shaped
Shaird, Shair’d a shred, a shard, fragment, remnant
Shanagan a cleft stick
Shangan a stick cleft at one end for pulling the tail of a dog, &c., by way of mischief, or to frighten him away
Shank-it walk it
shanks legs
Shanna, sha'na shall not
Shaul shallow
Shaver a humorous wag, a funny fellow, joker, a barber
Shavie to do an ill turn, trick
Shaw to show, reveal; a small wood in a hollow place
Shear reap with a sickle
Shearer a reaper
Sheep-shank a sheep's trotter
nae sheep-shank bane a person of no small importance
Sheep-shank, to think one’s self nae sheep-shank to be conceited
Sheerly wholly, entirely
Sheers scissors
Sherra-moor, Sherra-muir Sheriffmuir
Sherra-muir Sheriff-Muir, the famous battle of, 1715
Sheuch, Sheugh a ditch, a trench, a sluice, a furrow, gutter
Sheuk shook
Shiel, shealing a shed, hut, shanty, cottage, a shepherd’s cottage
Shill shrill
Shog a shock, a shake, jog, a push off at one side
Shoo ill to please, ill to fit
Shool a shovel
Shoon shoes
Short syne a little while ago
Shore to offer, to threaten
Shor’d half offered and threatened
Shouldna should not
Shouther, showther the shoulder
Shot one traverse of the shuttle from side to side of the web
Shure shore (did shear)
Sib akin, closely related
Sic such
Siccan such a, such like
Sicker sure, steady, certain, secure, safe
sicker score strict conditions
Sidelins sideling, slanting, sideways, obliquely
Silken-snood a fillet of silk, a token of virginity
Siller silver, money, white; money in general, wealth
Silly poor, pitiful; frail, sorry
Simmer summer
Sin, Sen a son
Sin, Sin', Sen since
Sin syne since then
Sindry sundry
Singet, singed shriveled
Sinn the sun
Sinny sunny
Sinsyne since then
Skair share
Skaith, Scaith, Scathe to damage, hurt, to injure, injury
Skeigh, skiegh proud, nice, saucy, mettled, skittish, fiery, disdainful
Skeigh shy, maiden coyness
Skellum to strike, to slap; to walk with a smart tripping step, a smart stroke, a good-for-nothing, rascal, scoundrel
Skelp a slap, a smack, to spank, strike, beat; hurry, rush
Skelpi-limmer a technical term in female scolding
Skelpie-limmer's-face a technical term in female scolding (R. B.)
skelpin at it driving at it
Skelpin, skelpit striking, walking rapidly, literally striking the ground
Skelvy shelvy
Skinking watery
Skinklin thin, gauzy, scaltery, glittering
Skirling shrieking, crying
Skirl to cry or sound shrilly, to shriek shrilly, yell
Skirl’t shrieked
Sklent a slant, a turn, to run aslant, to deviate from truth, to slant, to squint, to cheat, throw aslant; look aslant with malice
Sklented ran, or hit, in an oblique direction
Skouth vent, free action, scope
Skriech a scream
Skreigh a scream, to scream, the first cry uttered by a child; to whinny
skyre shine; bright-coloured
Skyrin party-coloured, the checks of the tartan, flaring
Skyte a worthless fellow, to slide rapidly off, squirt, lash, smart, sudden blow
Slade did slide, slid, stole away
Slae sloe, blackthorn
Slap a gate, a breach in a fence, cut, bring down, gap in a dyke or fence
Slaw slow
Slee, sly, ingenious, clever, wise, witty
sleest slyest
Sleeket, Sleekit sleek, sly, crafty, smooth, glossy
Slidd'ry, Sliddery slippery
Slight skill, dexterity, artifice
slip leash
Slip-shod smooth shod
Sloken quench, slake
Slype to fall over, as a wet furrow from the plough
Slypet slipped
Slypet-o’er fell over with a slow reluctant motion
Sma’ small, little, slight, narrow
Smeddum dust, powder, mettle, sense, sagacity, fine powder used as medicine or insecticide
Smeek smoke
Smiddy, smiddie smithy
Smirking good-natured, smiling, winking
smit smite
Smoor, Smoor'd, smoored to smother, smothered
Smoutie smutty, obscene, ugly
smoutie phiz sooty aspect
Smytrie a numerous collection of small individuals; a litter
Snakin sneering
Snap smart, quick
Snapper mistake, to stumble
Snash abuse, insolence, billingsgate, impertinence
Snaw snow, to snow
Snaw-broo snow-brew, melted snow
Snawie snowy
Sned to lop, to cut off, to prune
Sned-besoms to cut brooms
Sneeshin snuff
Sneeshin mill, Sneeshin-mill a snuff-box
Snell and snelly bitter, biting, keen
snellest bitterest
Snick the latchet of a door, a latch
Snick-drawing trick, contriving
snick-drawing scheming
he weel a snick can draw he is good at cheating
Snirt, snirtle concealed laughter, laugh quietly, to breathe the nostrils in a displeased manner, to snigger
Snood girl's hair-band
Snoods fillets worn by maids
Snool one whose spirit is broken with oppressive slavery; to submit tamely, to sneak, to cringe, to snub
Snoove to go smoothly and constantly, to sneak, to go slowly, go steadily on
Snore snort
snowck snuff, poke about with the nose
Snowk, snowkit to scent or snuff as a dog, scented, snuffed
Snuff sniff
Sodger, soger a soldier
Sonsie, sonsy having sweet engaging looks, pleasant, good-natured, lucky, jolly
Soom to swim
Soor sour
sort meet together (with)
Sough, sugh sigh, moan, wail, swish, rushing sound of wind, deep breath
Souk to suck, to drink long and enduringly
Soupe, sowp sup, liquid, drink, mouthful
Souple flexible, supple, soften, soft, swift
Soupled suppled
Souther to solder
Souter, sowter, sutor a shoemaker, cobbler
Sowens the fine flour remaining among the seeds, of oatmeal made into an agreeable pudding, porridge of oat flour
Sowp a spoonful, a small quantity of anything liquid
Sowps sups
Sowth to try over a tune with a low whistle, to hum or whistle in a low tune
Sowther to solder, patch up
Spae to prophesy, to divine, to foretell
Spail splinter
Spails chips, splinters
Spaul a limb
spair spare restrained, reticent
Spairge to clash, to soil, as with mire, to splash; to spatter, bespatter
Spak spoke (past t. of speak)
spang spring, leap
span-lang small
Spates sudden floods, floods
Spavie the spavin, tumour caused by inflamation of a horse's shank cartilage
Spaviet having the spavin
Spavit spavined
Spean to wean
Speat a sweeping torrent after rain or thaw, a flood, spate
speed prosper, attain a desire
speedy quick, brief
Speel to climb
Speer, Spier to ask, to inquire
Speet to spit
spell study, contemplate
Spence the parlour of a farmhouse or cottage, the parlor, inner room
spier, speir ask, inquire
spiert inquired
spill destroy, waste
spin'le spindle, axe
Spinnin-graith wheel and roke and lint
Splatter to splutter, a splutter, sputter
Spleuchan, Spleughan a tobacco-pouch, pouch, purse
Splore a frolic, noise, riot; a carousal, uproar
sport spend in pleasure
spout spurt, dart
Sprachl'd clambered
Sprachled scrambled
Sprattle to scramble, struggle
Sprawl struggle, crawl
Spreckled spotted, speckled
Spring a quick air in music, a Scottish reel, a quick tune; a dance
Sprit, spret a tough-rooted plant something like rushes, jointed-leaved rush
Sprittie full of spirits, full of roots or sprouts (a kind of rush), rushy
Sprush spruce
Spunk fire, mettle, wit, spark, a match; spirit
Spunkie mettlesome, fiery; will o’ the wisp, or ignis fatuus; the devil, full of spirit, liquor, spirits
Spunkies jack-o'-lanterns, will-o'-wisps
Spurtle a stick used in making oatmeal pudding or porridge, a notable Scottish dish
Spurtle-blade the pot-stick
Squad a crew or party, a squadron, company
Squatter to flap, to flutter in water, as a wild-duck, &c
Squattle to sprawl in the act of hiding, to squat, to settle
Squeel a scream, a screech, to scream
Stacher to stagger, to totter, toddle
Stack a rick of corn, hay, peats; past t. of stick
Staggie a stag, diminutive of staig
Staig a two year-old horse, a young horse
Stalwart stately, strong
Stammer stumble (of a horse)
Stan’ to stand, stop, stick; pause, halt
stan’t did stand, stood
Stang sting, stung, goad
Stane stone (measure of weight)
Stank did stink, a pool of standing water, slow-moving water, a moat, a pond
Stap stop, stave
Stapple a stopper
stare express clearly; confront
Stark stout, potent, strong
starn star
Starnies diminutive of starn, star звёздочки
Starns stars
Startin frighted, staggered
Startle to run as cattle stung by the gadfly; take fright, to course
Staukin stalking, walking disdainfully, walking without an aim, walking stealthily
Staumrel a blockhead, half-witted
Staw did steal, stole, to surfeit, to sicken, a stall, crept, over-feed, stuff
Stech to cram the belly
Stechin cramming
Steek to shut, a stitch, to touch, meddle with, to close, enclose
Steer to molest, to stir, rouse, affect; take one's way
Steeve firm, compacted, compact, strong
stegh cram the stomach with food
Stell a still
Sten to rear as a horse, to leap suddenly, a leap, a spring
Sten't sprang
Stented erected; set on high
Stents tribute, dues of any kind, assessments, dues
Stravagin wandering without an aim
stell apparatus for distillation
sten' leap, bound, turn aside
stent impost, duty
Stey steep, difficult
Steyest, styest steepest
Stibble stubble
Stibble-rig, stubble-rig the reaper in harvest who takes the lead, chief reaper
Stick cudgel fragment
Stick-an-stowe, Stick-an’-stow, a' to sticks totally, altogether, completely, utterly
Stilt limp (with the aid of stilts), lift the legs high, prance; plough handle
Stilt-stilts a crutch; to limp, to halt; poles for crossing a river
Stimpart the eighth part of a Winchester bushel, a quarter peck, measure of grain
stir sir
Stirk a cow or bullock a year old, a young bullock
Stock a plant of colewort, cabbages
Stockin’ stocking
throwing the stockin’ when the bride and bridegroom are put into bed, the former throws a stocking at random among the company,
and the person whom it falls on is the next that will be married
Stoited stumbled
Stoiter, stoyte lurch, stagger
Stoiter'd staggered
Stomach spirit, temper
Stook, stooked a shock of corn, made into shocks, set of corn sheaves
Stoor harsh, stern; see stoure
stop ... o' keep from, deprive of
Stot a young bull or ox
Stoun', Stound sudden pang of the heart, pang, throb, thrill of pleasure
Stoup or stowp a kind of high narrow jug or dish with a handle for holding liquids, tankard, measure
stoure, stoor battle, tumult, storm
like stoure swiftly
Stoure, Stowre dust, more particularly dust in motion
Stourie, stowrie dusty
Stown stolen
Stownlins by stealth
Stoyte, Stoiter the walking of a drunken man, to stagger
Strack, strak did strike, struck
Strade past t. of stride
Strae straw
Strae death, strae-death death in bed (i. e., on straw), natural death in bed
to die a fair strae death to die in bed
Straik to stroke
straiket stroked
Strak, strack struck
Strang strong
Strappan strapping, sturdy
Strappen tall, handsome, vigorous
Strath low alluvial land, a holm
Straught straight, to stretch (dead)
Streek stretched, to stretch
Streekit stretched
Striddle to straddle, stride
string string used as a measure
Stron't lanted
Stroan to spout, to piss
stroan't pissed
Stroup the spout
Strunt spirituous liquor of any kind; to walk sturdily, move with assurance, to swagger, to be affronted
stude past t. of stand
Studdie an anvil, stithy
Stuff corn or pulse of any kind, store of corn
Stump walk clumsily
Stumpie diminutive of stump; a worn quill, a grub pen
Sturt worry, trouble, to fret, to vex, to molest
sturt and strife quarrelling, violence
Styme a glimmer, the faintest trace
Sucker, sucke sugar
Sud should
Sugh, sough, sigh the continued rushing noise of wind or water, moan, wail, swish
summon sing. of summons
Sumph a pluckless fellow, with little heart or soul, churl, simpleton, sullen ass
Suthron Southern, southerners, an old name of the English and Englishmen
Sune soon
Sutor, Souter, sowter a shoemaker, cobbler
Swaird sword, sward
Swall’d swelled
Swank stately, jolly, limber, agile
Swankie or swanker a tight strapping young fellow or girl, strapping lad
Swankies strapping fellows
Swap an exchange, to barter, strike, strike a bargain
Swapped, swopped exchanged
Swarf to swoon
Swarfed swooned
Swat did sweat, sweated (past t. of sweat)
Swatch a sample
Swats drink, good ale, new ale or wort, new small beer
Sweer lazy, averse
dead-sweer extremely averse
Swoor swore, did swear
Swinge beat, to whip, flog
Swinke to labour hard
Swirl a curve, an eddying blast or pool, a knot in the wood, curl
Swirlie knaggy, full of knots, twisted
Swit (exclaim.) quickly, away
Swith get away, haste; off and away
Swither to hesitate in choice, an irresolute wavering in choice, state of agitation, doubt, hesitation
Swoom swim
Swoor swore (past t. of swear)
Sybow a young onion, spring onion
Syebow a thick-necked onion
syke small stream, ditch
Syne since, ago, then
lang syne long since, long ago
T Top - Наверх
't it
'tis it is
'twas it was
Tack possession, lease, leasehold, tenure
Tacket shoe-nail
Tackets broad-headed nails for the heels of shoes
Tae to, a toe
ta'en p. p. of tak (take)
three-taed having three prongs
Tae'd toed
Taed toad
Taen taken
Taet small quantity
Tairge, Targe to target, discipline, constrain
Tak to take, seize
tak the gate take to the road, get home
takin taking
Tald told
Tane one in contrast to other
tane ... tither one ... other
Tangle a sea-weed used as salad
Tangs tongs
Tap the top, head
Tapmaist, Tapmost topmost
taper tapering, slender
Tapetless headless, heedless, foolish, senseless
Tapmost, Tapmaist topmost
Tappet-hen a crested hen-shaped bottle holding three quarts of claret
Tap-pickle the grain at the top of the stalk
Tapsalteerie, Topsalteerie topsy-turvy, upside down, in disorder
Targe light shield
Targe, Tairge to examine
Targe, targe them tightly cross-question them severely
Tarrow to murmur at one’s allowance, to tarry, to be reluctant, to weary, hesitate
Tarry-breeks a sailor
Tassie a small measure for liquor, a goblet, silver goblet
Tastie elegant
Tauk talk
Tauld or tald told
Taupie a foolish, thoughtless young person
Tauted, tawtied or tautie matted together (spoken of hair and wool), shaggy
Tawie that allows itself peaceably to be handled (spoken of a cow, horse, &c.), tractable, easy to handle, groom (of ahorse)
Tawpie a foolish woman, senseless girl
Tawted, tawtied matted
Teat a small quantity
Teats small quantities
Teen vexation
Teethless bawtie toothless cur
Teethless gab a mouth wanting the teeth, an expression of scorn
Tell (past t. tell'd, tald, tauld) relate, enumerate, count the price out
Tell'd told
Temper-pin a fiddle-peg; the regulating pin of the spinning-wheel
Ten-hours-bite a slight feed to the horse while in the yoke in the forenoon
Tenpund the annual value of ten pounds
Tent a field pulpit, heed, caution; to take heed, to tend; to heed; to observe, care, watch
Tentie heedful, cautious, watchful, careful
Tentier more watchful
Tentless heedless, careless
Tester an old silver coin about sixpence in value
Tether rope, noose
Teugh tough, hardy, violent
Teuk took
Thack thatch, thatching
Thack and rape, Thack an’ rape clothing and necessaries; the covering of a house, and so, home necessities
Thae these, those
Thairm, Thairms small guts; intestine, catgut, fiddle-strings
Thanket, Thankit thanked
Theckit thatched
Theekit thatched
Thegither together, at a time, continuously
Themsel’ themselves
Thick intimate, familiar, v. pack an' thick (confidential), going in quick succession
thie thigh
Thieveless forbidding, spiteful, cold, without warmth
Thig take, accept; beg
Thigger crowding, make a noise; a seeker of alms
Thiggin begging
Thir these
Thirl to thrill
Thirl'd, Thirled thrilled, vibrated
Thole to suffer, to endure
Thorter cross
Thou's, Thou'se thou shalt, thou art, thou hast
Thowe a thaw, to thaw
Thowless slack, lazy, useless
Thrang throng, busy, a crowd, crowding, thronging in crowds, press of people
Thrapple throat, windpipe
thrash flail, strike (sexually)
Thrave twenty-four sheaves of corn, a measure of straw
Thraw to sprain, a twist, to twist, to contradict, to turn, to thwart, frustrate
Thraws throes
Thrawin’ twisting, &c
Thrawn sprained, twisted, contradicted, contradiction
Threap to maintain by dint of assertion, argue, argue obstinately
Threesome trio
Thresh beat, belabour
Threshing beating
Threshin’ threshing
threshin’-tree a flail
Threteen thirteen
Thretty thirty
Thrissle, Thristle thistle
Thrist thirst
Thristed thirsted
Through to go on with, to make out
mak to through make good
Throuther, Throu'ther (through other) pell-mell, confusedly (through-ither)
Thrum sound of a spinning-wheel in motion, the thread remaining at the end of a web
Thy lane alone
Thud to make a loud intermittent noise
Thummart foumart, polecat
thump strike
thumping 1) exceptionally large; 2) (colloq.) fine
Thumpit thumped
Thysel’, thysel thyself, yourself
tiched touched, affected
tickle rouse, please, amuse
Tight girt, prepared; neat, shapely; tidy, cosy, snug; capable, ready
Till to
Till’t to it
Timmer timber, material; wooden edge
Tine, tyne (past t. tint) to lose, to be lost
tint lost, get lost
Tinkler a tinker, itinerant mender of pots and pans, usually a gipsy; low rascal медник, бродячий лудильщик, обычно цыган; (перен.) подонок
Tip, toop a ram, tup
Tippence twopence, money
Tippeny ale originally sold at 2d. a Scots pint
Tirl to make a slight noise, to uncover, unthatch, to strip, to knock for entrance, rattle at the door, by turning the latch
Tirlin’, tirlet uncovering
Tiseday Tuesday
Tither (the) the other
Tittle to whisper, to prate idly
tittie, titty (colloq.) sister
Tittlin, tittlan whispering, tattling
Tocher marriage portion, dowry, to give a dowry
tocher bands marriage bonds, marriage settlement
Tocher-gude marriage portion
Tod a fox
“Tod i’ the fauld,” fox in the fold
Toddlan, todlin toddling, walking unsteadily
Toddle to totter, like the walk of a child
todlen-dow toddling dove
Toddy whisky, hot water, and sugar
Ton fashion, mode
Too-fa’, Toofa’ beginning (of night); “Too fa’ o’ the nicht,” when twilight darkens into night; a building added, a lean-to, the fall
Toolzie, Tulyie, Tulzie a quarrel, to quarrel, to fight, a squabble, a tussle, contest
Toom empty
Toomed emptied
Toop, tip, tup a ram, tup
Toss a toast; beauty, belle
Tosie warm and ruddy with warmth, good-looking, intoxicating
Toun a hamlet, a farmhouse, farm steading; town
Tour turf, sod
Tousie shaggy
Tout the blast of a horn or trumpet, to blow a horn or trumpet, blast
Touzle ruffle, handle roughly
Touzles, touzling romping, ruffling the clothes
Tow a rope, flax, fibre of flax prepared for spinning
Towmond, towmont a twelvemonth, year
Towns-bodies village, farm
Towsing rumpling (equivocal), handling indelicately
Towzie rough, shaggy, unkempt
Toy a very old fashion of female head-dress
Toyte to totter like old age, walk like old age, totter
Tozie flushed with drink, warm, cosy, tipsy
Trac'd harnessed
Tram cart of barrow shaft
Trams, barrow-trams the handles of a barrow, shafts
Transmogrify change
Transmugrified, transmugrify'd transmigrated, metamorphosed
Trashtrie trash, rubbish, small trash
Tread trod
Tree timber, wood
Trepan inveigle, beguile
Trews, trouse trousers, close-fitting trousers
Trick habit, turn
Trickie full of tricks, crafty, deceitful
Trig spruce, neat, trim, smart
Trimly cleverly, excellently, in a seemly manner
Trinle, trintle the wheel of a barrow, to roll
Trinklin trickling, flowing
Trin'le the wheel of a barrow
Trogger packman, pedlar
Troggers, troggin’ wandering merchants, goods to truck or dispose of
Troggin wares
Troke to barter
Trot run, bustle
Trouse, Trews trousers
Trow to believe, to trust to
Trump a jew's harp
Tryste a fair; a cattle-market; meeting, assembly
Trysted appointed
Trysting meeting
Trysts appointments, love meetings, cattle shows
Trowth truth, a petty oath
Tumbler-wheels wheels of a kind of low cart
Tug raw hide, of which in old time plough-traces were frequently made
Tug or tow either in leather or rope
Tulyie, Tulzie a quarrel, to quarrel, to fight, a squabble, a tussle, contest
Tup, Toop, tip a ram, tup
Twa, tway two
Twafauld, twa-fald twofold, double, bent double
Twa faul twofold
Twa-three a few
Twad, 'twad it would
Twal twelve, midnight
the twal twelve at night
twalpennie worth a small quantity, a penny worth (English money), a pennyworth — R.B. One penny English is 12d. Scotch, shilling
Twang twinge
Twa-three two or three
Tway two
Twelt twelfth
Twin, twine to rob; to deprive; bereave
Twin to part, separate (from), deprive (of)
Twine thread
Twistle twisting, a twist; a sprain; the art of making a rope
Tyke a dog, cur, mongrel
Tyne, Tine to lose, to be lost
Tysday Tuesday
tyta pet name for 'father'
U Top - Наверх
Ulzie oil
Unback’d filly a young mare hitherto unsaddled
Unchancy dangerous, ill-omened
Unco strange, odd, uncouth, very, very great, prodigious, remarkably, uncommonly, excessively, remarkable, uncommon, terrible (sarcastic); strange tales
Uncos news, strange things, wonders
Unfauld unfold
Unkend, Unkenn’d unknown, unnoticed
Unsicker uncertain, wavering, insecure, unsure
Unskaithed undamaged, unhurt
Upo’ upon
up wi' here's to
up wi't a' here's to you
use't used, treated
Usquabae, usquebae whisky, Scotch whisky
V Top - Наверх
vapour fancy, whimsy
Vap’rin vapouring
Vaunte vain, proud
Vauntie joyous, delight which cannot contain itself, proud
Vend sell; advance; utter
Vera very, actual; true, real
Viewin view, sight
Virl a ring round a column, &c, band of metal or ivory
Virls rings
Vittle, vittel, vitte victual, grain, food, fodder
Vogie vain
Vow (interj.) wow
W Top - Наверх
Wa’, waw wall
wa’s walls
Wab a web
Wabster a weaver
Wad would, would have, to bet, to wager, a bet, a pledge, to wed, covenant
'twad, Twad it would
Wad'a would have
Wadna would not
Wadset land on which money is lent, a mortgage
Wae woe, alas; wo
Wae worth wo befall
waefu’, woful sorrowful, wailing, bringing misery
Waefu’-woodie hangman’s rope
waegae by may evil befall
wae's me wo is to me
Waesucks! Wae’s me! Alas! O the pity!
Wa’ flower wall-flower
Waff, Waft sea-trip
Waft woof; the cross thread that goes from the shuttle through the web
Waifs an’ crocks stray sheep and old ewes past breeding
Wail bewail
Wair, ware to lay out, to expend, worn, spend
Wale choice, to choose
Wal’d chose, chosen
Walie, wawlie, waule, wawly, waly ample, large, jolly, handsome, fine, also an exclamation of distress or grief; choice
Wallop to kick; to dangle; to gallop; to dance, kick the heels, be hanged; leap, violent beat
Wallow wither, fade, grow pale
Walth wealth
Waly fa' ill befall!
Wame the belly
Wamefou, Wamefu’ a bellyful
Wan won (past t., p. p. of win)
Wanchansie unlucky, dangerous
Wand branch, slender stem
Wanrest, wanrestfu’ restless, unrestful
Wap wrap
Ware, wair to spend; bestow, worn (p.p. of wear)
Wark work, labour, business
Wark-lum, Wark-lume a tool to work with, tool for work
Warl', Warl, Warle or warld world
Warld’s-worm a miser
Warlock a wizard, male witch
warlock-breef charter conveying magical powers
warlock-knowe a knoll where warlocks once held tryste
Warl'y, warldly, Warly worldly, eager in amassing wealth
Warp weave
Warran’, warran a warrant, to warrant, guarantee
Warse worse
Warsle, warstle wrestle, struggle
Warsl’d or warst’led wrestled
Wast west
Waste waist
Wastrie prodigality, waste, wastefulness, extravagance
Wat wet; wot, know, be aware of, be sure
I wat I wot, I know
Wat a man’s upper dress; a sort of mantle
Water-brose brose made of meal and water simply, without the addition of milk, butter, &c
Water-fit water-foot (the river's mouth)
Water-kelpies v. kelpies, river demons речные демоны
watna don't know
Wattle a twig, a wand, stick
Wauble to swing, to reel, to wobble, move unsteadily
Waught a draft, draught, heavy drink
Wauk to awake, be or stay awake, wake up, arouse
Wauken to awaken
Waukin waking, watching, awake
Waukit thickened as fullers do cloth, (with toil), horny
Waukrife not apt to sleep, wakeful
Waulie, walie, wawly jolly
Waur, war worse, to worst; excel, surpass
Waur’t, warst, waurst worsted, beat
Wavering wandering, fluttering
Waw, wa' wall
Wean (wee one), a child
Weanies babies
wearing passing (of time)
weary tiring
weary-fa' a curse on
Weary-widdle toilsome contest of life
Weason weasand, windpipe, gullet
Weaven’ the stocking to knit stockings
Wecht a measure for corn, sieve
Weeder-clips instrument for removing weeds
Wee little, little bit, while; infant
a wee a short space or time
wee bits a small matter малозначительный
wee things little ones, a little, children
wee touch a very little
Weel well, fine; welfare
weelfare welfare
Weel-faured well-favored
Weel-gaun well-going
Weel-hain'd well-saved
as weel's as well as
weel's me on a blessing on
Weepers mournings (on the steeve or hat), cuffs
Weet rain, wetness; to wet
Werena were not
We’se we shall, we'll
Westlin western, westerly, west country
Wether castrated ram
Wether-haggis haggis made in wether's stomach
Wha, whaever who
Whaizle to wheeze
Whalp whelp
Whalpet, Whalpit whelped
Wham whom
Whan when
Whang a leathorn thing, a piece of cheese, bread, &c; a shive, flog, thick slice of cheese
Whar, Whare, whaur where
whare’er wherever
Wheep to fly nimbly, to jerk, penny-wheep, small-beer
Wha's who is, whose
Whase whose
What for, whatfore wherefore
whatfore no why not
What reck nevertheless, what matter
Whatna what
Whatt whittled
Whaup the curlew
Whaur, Whar, Whare where
Wheep, penny-wheep jerk, jig
Whid the motion of a hare running but not frightened, move nimbly and noiselessly (of a hare), a lie, a fib, word
Whidden, Whiddin running as a hare or coney, scudding
Whids gambols
Whig puritan, hypocrite
Whigish rigid
Whigmeleerie whimsical ornament
Whigmeleeries whims, fancies, crotchets
whiles, whyle at times, sometimes
Whilk which
Whin gorse, furze-bush дрок (род кустарников и полукустарников семейства бобовых)
Whinge whine, complain
Whingin’ whining, crying, complaining, fretting
Whins furze заросли дрока (род кустарников и полукустарников семейства бобовых)
Whin-rock, whunstane whinstone, hard dark rock
Whipper-in huntsman responsible for keeping the hounds in pack
Whirl rush, rapid trip
Whirligigums useless ornaments, trifling appendages
Whirlygigums flourishes
Whirry hurry, drive
Whissle a whistle, to whistle
Whisht silence
to hold one’s whisht to be silent
Whisk, whisket to sweep, to lash
Whiskin’ beard a beard like the whiskers of a cat
Whiskit lashed, the motion of a horse’s tail removing flies
Whitter a hearty draught of liquor, draught of liquor, a draft
Whittle a knife; knife used as a weapon; clasp-knife; surgical knife
Whunstane, whin-rock a whinstone
whyle, whiles at times, sometimes
whyle ... whyle at times ... at times
Wi’ with
wi'm with him
Wi's with his
Wi't with it
Wick to strike a stone in an oblique direction, a term in curling
Wick a bore hit a curling-stone obliquely and send it through an opening
widdefu' deserving hanging, rascally
Widdifu twisted like a withy, one who merits hanging
Widdifu' gallows-worthy
Widdle wriggle
Wiel a small whirlpool, eddy
wierd fate, fortune
Wifie, wifikie a diminutive or endearing name for wife
Wight stout, enduring, strong, creature, fellow
Wighter more influential
Willcat, wil-cat wildcat
Willie willow
Willyart disordered, awkward
Willyart-glower a bewildered dismayed stare
Wimple to meander; twisting, turning
Wimple-womplet to meander, meandered, to enfold
Wimplin waving, meandering
Win live, won, reach, gain, get; earn
Win‘ to wind, breath, to winnow
win't (past t.) wind
winkers eye-lashes, eyes
Winn to winnow
Winna will not, won't
Winnin winding
Winnock window
Winnock-bunker window-seat, v. bunker
Winnin’-thread putting thread into hanks
Winsome hearty, vaunted, gay
Win’t winded as a bottom of yarn, did wind
Wintle a staggering motion, to stagger, to reel, a somersault, to swing; to wriggle, swing from side to side, roll
Winze a curse or imprecation
Wiss wish, to wish
wit know
Withouten, withoutten without
Witty jocular, merry
Wizened hide-bound, dried, shrunk
Won to dwell
Wonner a wonder, marvel, a contemptuous appellation, (contemptuous) fine specimen
wonted accustomed
Woo‘, woo wool
Woo to court, to make love to
Woodie, Widdie, woody a rope, more properly one of withs or willows, a rope (originally of withes); a gallows rope, withy, rope, halter for hanging
Woodies twigs, withes
wooer-bab garter at the knee worn by a suitor
Wooer-babs love-knots
Woer-bobs the garter knitted below the knee with a couple of loops
Wordie, Wordy worthy
Worset worsted, woolen fabric
Worth, Wae worth wo befall
Wrack to tease, to vex, torment, punish
Wraith a spirit, a ghost, an apparition exactly like a
living person, whose appearance is said to forbode the person’s
approaching death; also wrath
Wrang wrong, to wrong
Wreeth a drifted heap of snow
Wud wild, mad, enraged, angry
wud-mad distracted
Wumble a wimble
wyle, wlyle lure
Wyliecoat a flannel vest, undervest
Wyte (weight), blame, to blame, to reproach
Y Top - Наверх
Yad mare, old horse
Yard, yerd a garden; a stackyard
Yaud an old mare
Ye this pronoun is frequently used for thou
Yealing contemporary in age
Yealings born in the same year, coevals
Year is used both for singular and plural, years
Yearn eagle
Yearns longs much
Yearth a garden; a stackyard; earth
Yell barren, that gives no milk, dry (milkless)
Yerd earth
Yerk to lash, stir up, to jerk
Yerket, Yerkit jerked, lashed
Yerl earl
Ye'se ye shall – you shall
Yestreen yesternight, last night, yesterday evening
Yett, yet a gate
Yeuk to itch
Yeukin' itching
Yeuk’s itches
Yill ale
Yill-Caup ale-stoup
Yird, yirth earth
yirded earthed, buried
Yirr lively, bark
Yokin, Yokin‘, yoking a spell; a day's work, contest, turn
Yon yonder
Yont, 'Yont ayont, beyond, on the far side of
Youngkers young folk
Yoursel yourself
Yowe an ewe
Yowie diminutive of Yowe; a pet ewe
Yule Christmas

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